Wind and Weather up date in Malta and Gozo expected really. The wind we were all praying for (and been promised by various weather stations) never exacty materialised. Basically it was trying but the rain clouds tend to mess up the wind. A couple of guys went down here in the bay on big stuff (like 120L+ and 7.5 type sails). Wind was very very gusty with moments of being overpowered straight down to moments of drifting. Extremely frustrating . The largest I have is 100L and 6m and that would not have been enough. This morning I thought I would get a quick sail in before having to go up to Gozo to meet guests coming in, but we have had some big downpours and the wind is around a force 2 right now with some gusty patches.

Having said all that it is GREAT to have some rain. We need some more (which is coming big time by the looks of it at the end of the week) - we need a few good downpours to clear the dust away completely. The past two days we have felt a change in the air which is always an exciting feeling after the long hot summer. It is actually feeling cooler and I didnt even need to put a fan on yesterday !!

The wind.................possibility for the end of the week.....................but then there is going to be heavy rain knows?!