Is There Rain somewhere in the Distance??

It looks like we will be having our first rains shortly.................rain? What does that look like??
According to the Malta weather site we are going to be having thunderstorms and some heavy downpours between the 13th and 17th September. Well, that is quite a long time away so it is bound to change before then, but we are due for our first downpour which will hopefully wash the islands clean after the long dusty summer months.

Trying to remember when it last rained? Think it was around April??? Really cannot remember, but it has been one heck of a long time. Last year we had some heavy downpours in June, but this year we certainly did not have any rain in June and I don't think we had any in May either, so maybe it was April .

As for the comment. Doesn't seem to be anything in sight. We have had a couple of afternoon breezes good for a very high volume board and 7sq.m type rig but nothing else. Looking forward to a nice North Easterly.