Have you Heard of a YOTEL?

Now this is interesting - especially if you enjoy travelling.
I was browsing thru Tripadvisor (one of my favourite wasting time sites) and came across an entry from someone asking about a Yotel at Schipol airport. At first glance I thought this was a misprint for 'hotel' but on further reading discovered they were actually talking about a 'Yotel'. So did a quick search and discovered that some brilliant guy had come out with an improvement on the ''capsule'' type accommodation they have in Japan. From what I can tell they have a Yotel so far at Heathrow, Gatwick and Schipol airports. You can see the site https://www.yotel.com/ it's quite interesting.
A 'Yotel' is the perfect place for those travellers who have a long wait at the airport. In the past I know we have paid around Euro200 for a day room. All the airport hotels tend to be very pricey so at last there is an alternative for the traveller who cannot afford such high prices. At around Euro40 it is really worth it. Itt is something that every major airport should have and I am quite sure it will catch on really well in the near future.