Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Have you Heard of a YOTEL?

Now this is interesting - especially if you enjoy travelling.
I was browsing thru Tripadvisor (one of my favourite wasting time sites) and came across an entry from someone asking about a Yotel at Schipol airport. At first glance I thought this was a misprint for 'hotel' but on further reading discovered they were actually talking about a 'Yotel'. So did a quick search and discovered that some brilliant guy had come out with an improvement on the ''capsule'' type accommodation they have in Japan. From what I can tell they have a Yotel so far at Heathrow, Gatwick and Schipol airports. You can see the site https://www.yotel.com/ it's quite interesting.
A 'Yotel' is the perfect place for those travellers who have a long wait at the airport. In the past I know we have paid around Euro200 for a day room. All the airport hotels tend to be very pricey so at last there is an alternative for the traveller who cannot afford such high prices. At around Euro40 it is really worth it. Itt is something that every major airport should have and I am quite sure it will catch on really well in the near future.

The 4 Stages of Life

I received this in an email today titled ''The 4 Stages of Life''. I found it quite amusing so thought I would blog it.
As for the bay today - it's heavenly. Practically all the boats are out of the water now and at last we have the bay to ourselves again. All the summer hoards have gone back home as school started this week. The weather is a bit cooler, we have had some rain so the dust is more settled and the air is crystal clear. The sea is like glass today and the sun is shining. So what more do you want? (............that is besides the obvious sailable strong wind ofcourse!).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Actually Got Wet

Well I actually managed to get wet for around 45 mins. Was not exactly the most thrilling time I have ever had on the water but who's complaining?? I was planing and out on the water so I am happy. Didn't last long but certainly better than nothing. Down at Ghallis with wind shifting between north and north west - shared equipment with John on Fanatic Skate and Tushingham Rock. Now we have thunderstorms forecast for tonight. Not sure what the forecast is saying for next week yet.

Hey Tim from HMS Montrose: Sorry you didn't get any waves but hope you got some kind of time on the water (without being on the ship that is!).

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wind and Weather up date in Malta and Gozo

Well...............as expected really. The wind we were all praying for (and been promised by various weather stations) never exacty materialised. Basically it was trying but the rain clouds tend to mess up the wind. A couple of guys went down here in the bay on big stuff (like 120L+ and 7.5 type sails). Wind was very very gusty with moments of being overpowered straight down to moments of drifting. Extremely frustrating . The largest I have is 100L and 6m and that would not have been enough. This morning I thought I would get a quick sail in before having to go up to Gozo to meet guests coming in, but we have had some big downpours and the wind is around a force 2 right now with some gusty patches.

Having said all that it is GREAT to have some rain. We need some more (which is coming big time by the looks of it at the end of the week) - we need a few good downpours to clear the dust away completely. The past two days we have felt a change in the air which is always an exciting feeling after the long hot summer. It is actually feeling cooler and I didnt even need to put a fan on yesterday !!

The wind.................possibility for the end of the week.....................but then there is going to be heavy rain too...............so..................who knows?!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Looks Like a Change in the Weather - Finally!

Looks like we are finally going to get a change in the weather this coming week starting on Sunday. Over Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we have force 6-7 Westerlies/North Westerlies meant to hit the island. BUT......there are also thunderstorms forecast, so that may kill the wind or the wind will come in sudden bursts and it will be a situation where it is blowing force 7 for 5 minutes and a big 0 for the next 5 minutes! We will see. Whatever happens at least it will be a change (hopefully) from the scorching humid heat we have had this September. It has almost been worse than July and August.

It will be nice to have something to blog about anyway. My blog this summer has been very uninteresting and un newsy. Time for a change!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We Have Had Our First Downpour!

We had our first downpour last night. Was not expecting it so soon but it was lovely to go out early this morning and smell the freshness in the air and that lovely soily smell there is after the rain .
The above pic was taken off Di-ve where you can read a short article about our first rainfall...........it makes headline news out here when we get the first rain!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Is There Rain somewhere in the Distance??

It looks like we will be having our first rains shortly.................rain? What does that look like??
According to the Malta weather site
http://www.sdweather.co.nr/ we are going to be having thunderstorms and some heavy downpours between the 13th and 17th September. Well, that is quite a long time away so it is bound to change before then, but we are due for our first downpour which will hopefully wash the islands clean after the long dusty summer months.

Trying to remember when it last rained? Think it was around April??? Really cannot remember, but it has been one heck of a long time. Last year we had some heavy downpours in June, but this year we certainly did not have any rain in June and I don't think we had any in May either, so maybe it was April .

As for the wind...................no comment. Doesn't seem to be anything in sight. We have had a couple of afternoon breezes good for a very high volume board and 7sq.m type rig but nothing else. Looking forward to a nice North Easterly.


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