Sort of had a Surf

Well I went out for a few runs yesterday on the Mistral Joker (109L) and 6m Tushingham - biggest stuff we have. The gusts were good but not enough of them. Very teasing and quite tricky staying upwind cos on the other side of the bay the wind threw you down and on our side of the bay the wind turned and threw you the other way, so you really needed big stuff to have a very good surf. But I experimented again with the camera and got better results this time. Will try uploading it just so you can see the quality. I am really happy with the quality of the video for such a small basic gadget. I am now figuring out a way to attach it bang on the front of the boom/mast to get the perfect angle. Yesterday I strapped it as far forward as I could on the boom and it got quite a good angle showing front of board and the sea. I want to be able to get an angle of the front of board and looking ahead in the direction I am going.