Great Tme on the Water Today

Had a really good windsurf today. And it was our local weather forecast that was correct! The other forecasts gave a bad long range forecast during the week and only this morning gave some wind, but MIA kept to their 5-6 for today and it came! Great . I went down with my Fanatic wave board 74l and a new Tushingham Rock 4.5m. When I arrived a couple of the guys said they were a bit over on their 4.7's and 4.5's so I went down thinking I was going to be way over on my 4.5 since I didn't take anything smaller - did not expect it to be so windy. But I tightened it up really well and I was perfectly comfortable. Nicely powered up. Infact I was quite surprised cos I am usually half a sq. m under all the guys but these Tushinghams sails have such a broad setting range. I just keep on praising them.

On one run out Chris did a perfect wave 360 right infront of me and about 5 secs later Darius did a perfect forward right infront of me. Great fun sailing with so much good action going on right around you. Unfortunately my calibre of surfing is not quite up to their standard (!) but I have fun and just LOVE it which is what it is all about I suppose!

Came onto my blog and found 3 videos from Youtube (one of which is mine of rafting when in the US end June) - I sent these to my blog from Youtube nearly 2 weeks ago and they have only come onto my site now!!! I had given up thinking they could not be sent for some reason.


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grate blog.