Chris Pressler gets some nice Waves

Above are pics of Chris Pressler enjoying wave conditions in Sotavento, Fuerteventura (Canaries). The excellent pics were taken by Burghard Drews. You can access Chris' site either by linking onto it from my 'Favourite Blogs' or else just click on this link
I first met Chris when we visited Fuerte back in '05 - our youngest son, John, did a Young Guns Freestyle camp with him. It was in Sotovento that John actually learned how to wave ride! Chris is now one of the competitors in the PWA.
Sotavento is famous for the incredible amount and reliability of its wind. It is predominantly a N/NE cross-offshore wind. It is mainly flat water conditions, but during the highest tide periods (you need to study the annual tide charts to time it well - end July beginning August is usually excellent). For half the year it is practically a constant force 6-8 (sometimes stronger!). Infront of the surf centre there are two areas where there are kind of sand banks. So in the morning at low tide you get some good small waves on the left side of the beach, then it flattens out and in the afternoon you get some good waves on the right side of the beach close to the kiting area. When we were there we easily had some half mast waves and when we were watching the speed sailing further down on the speed strip (during the PWA) they should have been having a wave contest not a speed contest. The waves were easily half mast and sometimes bigger. Must have been pretty scary for the guys trying to establish a speed record!! With wind being cross off (and sometimes more off than cross) it meant you could just ride the waves going right along the beach, though there were some wipe outs when you suddenly find yourself ON the beach!
We are meant to get some wind today but it is just showing about 15 knots. Hoping that with the heat a thermal will add to the strength. If it is good enough to sail it will probably be best in the bay - especially if it is dead west - and if it is not good enough for a 6m then we will go out for a sail on the Drascombe. Whatever we do I plan to try and use my little Digital Pro Hero camera and get some shots and video.