Friday, August 29, 2008

Malta Young Sailors Team in Wales

A Malta Young Sailors Club (MYSC) group recently travelled to the UK for the Volvo Musto British Open Optimist Championships in Pwllheli, Wales. Led by coach Jean-Paul Fleri Soler, the 11 sailors battled it out in windy conditions, ranging from 10 to 25 knots and competed against 450 participants in the different categories. Competition was tough, with top sailors from the UK, United States, Dubai,Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong also in the entrylist.

Thomas Zammit Tabona, Ella Fleri Soler, Ryan Cauchi, Abigail Fenech and new comer Thomas Sammut Alessi competed in the Senior Fleet (ages 13-15). Edward Fleri Soler, Karl Miggiani, Matthew Westwood, Ryan Abela and Alex Esposito took part in the Junior Fleet (ages 8-12) and Sean Borg figured in the Laser Championships in Abersoch.Twelve races were held over five days between August 8 and 15. In a statement, the MYSC said the British Open was the first international experience for Sammut Alessi, Westwood, Abela and Esposito. Their performances, the MYSC added, were commendable considering they tackled races in fleets of 150 sailors. Thanks to the commitment of the club, Maltese sailors are gaining from international exposure and keeping the national flag flying with honours.

Thomas Zammit Tabona, 14, finished fourth overall and first overseas sailor in his competition. 2007 GSSE silver medallist Ella Fleri Soler, 15, ranked 23rd overall and fourth female while Edward Fleri Soler, 12, achieved a sixth placing overall in the junior category. In Laser 4.7, 2007 GSSE gold medallist Borg did well to earn a sixth placing. In Wales, the MYSC team was also accompanied by Malta Yachting Federation president Anna Rossi. The British Open was the first in a series of international events for the team in the build-up for the 2009 GSSE in 2009.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

STACKED a Windsurf Movie

This is Andre Pakowski's new video. Brilliant - No other comment to make!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great Tme on the Water Today

Had a really good windsurf today. And it was our local weather forecast that was correct! The other forecasts gave a bad long range forecast during the week and only this morning gave some wind, but MIA kept to their 5-6 for today and it came! Great . I went down with my Fanatic wave board 74l and a new Tushingham Rock 4.5m. When I arrived a couple of the guys said they were a bit over on their 4.7's and 4.5's so I went down thinking I was going to be way over on my 4.5 since I didn't take anything smaller - did not expect it to be so windy. But I tightened it up really well and I was perfectly comfortable. Nicely powered up. Infact I was quite surprised cos I am usually half a sq. m under all the guys but these Tushinghams sails have such a broad setting range. I just keep on praising them.

On one run out Chris did a perfect wave 360 right infront of me and about 5 secs later Darius did a perfect forward right infront of me. Great fun sailing with so much good action going on right around you. Unfortunately my calibre of surfing is not quite up to their standard (!) but I have fun and just LOVE it which is what it is all about I suppose!

Came onto my blog and found 3 videos from Youtube (one of which is mine of rafting when in the US end June) - I sent these to my blog from Youtube nearly 2 weeks ago and they have only come onto my site now!!! I had given up thinking they could not be sent for some reason.

Radical Windsurf at PWA Lanzarote 2008


Rafting the Nolichuky River

This is a piece I put together of our day rafting down the Nolichuky. Not half as exciting as the other video taken on the Noluchuky (see other rafting Youtube clip)! Good enough for us though.


This is fun!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well Will there be Wind or Not??

Right now there are conflicting reports regarding the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. Malta International Airport is giving a 4 to 5 SW for tomorrow and a 5-6 North West for Saturday, while Windfinder is showing no wind except for a bit in the middle of the night. THEN Ugrib is showing no wind for tomorrow and just a moderate 3-4 NNW for Saturday. Hmmmmmm! Let us hope the local forecast is the correct one - counting on some local thermals to help it along.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sort of had a Surf

Well I went out for a few runs yesterday on the Mistral Joker (109L) and 6m Tushingham - biggest stuff we have. The gusts were good but not enough of them. Very teasing and quite tricky staying upwind cos on the other side of the bay the wind threw you down and on our side of the bay the wind turned and threw you the other way, so you really needed big stuff to have a very good surf. But I experimented again with the camera and got better results this time. Will try uploading it just so you can see the quality. I am really happy with the quality of the video for such a small basic gadget. I am now figuring out a way to attach it bang on the front of the boom/mast to get the perfect angle. Yesterday I strapped it as far forward as I could on the boom and it got quite a good angle showing front of board and the sea. I want to be able to get an angle of the front of board and looking ahead in the direction I am going.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chris Pressler gets some nice Waves

Above are pics of Chris Pressler enjoying wave conditions in Sotavento, Fuerteventura (Canaries). The excellent pics were taken by Burghard Drews. You can access Chris' site either by linking onto it from my 'Favourite Blogs' or else just click on this link
I first met Chris when we visited Fuerte back in '05 - our youngest son, John, did a Young Guns Freestyle camp with him. It was in Sotovento that John actually learned how to wave ride! Chris is now one of the competitors in the PWA.
Sotavento is famous for the incredible amount and reliability of its wind. It is predominantly a N/NE cross-offshore wind. It is mainly flat water conditions, but during the highest tide periods (you need to study the annual tide charts to time it well - end July beginning August is usually excellent). For half the year it is practically a constant force 6-8 (sometimes stronger!). Infront of the surf centre there are two areas where there are kind of sand banks. So in the morning at low tide you get some good small waves on the left side of the beach, then it flattens out and in the afternoon you get some good waves on the right side of the beach close to the kiting area. When we were there we easily had some half mast waves and when we were watching the speed sailing further down on the speed strip (during the PWA) they should have been having a wave contest not a speed contest. The waves were easily half mast and sometimes bigger. Must have been pretty scary for the guys trying to establish a speed record!! With wind being cross off (and sometimes more off than cross) it meant you could just ride the waves going right along the beach, though there were some wipe outs when you suddenly find yourself ON the beach!
We are meant to get some wind today but it is just showing about 15 knots. Hoping that with the heat a thermal will add to the strength. If it is good enough to sail it will probably be best in the bay - especially if it is dead west - and if it is not good enough for a 6m then we will go out for a sail on the Drascombe. Whatever we do I plan to try and use my little Digital Pro Hero camera and get some shots and video.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Looking at the long rage forecast it seems we may be in for a late sail on Saturday afternoon. Shame we don't have a floodlighting system on the water cos it is showing it's peak around midnight! Fingers and toes crossed.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Wot is there to Blog?

I feel I should be blogging, but just what is there to Blog?? It is hot, humid, WINDLESS. I have a couple of busy days a week with holiday guest changeovers - so it kind of all happens at once. My body is feeling stagnant, though I am making it a point of getting in the sea morning and evening and giving myself a swimming workout just to move my limbs. Lethargy has set in big way! Oh for some wind!

Right now the most exciting thing (AND IT IS EXCITING) is planning our trip to the Far East over Christmas. The choice of places to go is just too much making it a very difficult decision just WHERE to go. Right now hot favourites are from Singapore to Kualu Lumpur by train, fly onto to Bali then boat over to Nusa Lembongan and fly back to Singapore.

But research and destination decisions can be made in the evenings - meanwhile a bit of wind would suffice! Though we had a nice late night outing on the boat Sunday evening. Unfortunately forgot the camera so must remember to take it next time cos the cliffs and rock formations on the coast are really lovely and I can spend hours just gently cruising along admiring our coastline. At least I would have something to show on the blog.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Nothing to Report

Have not been blogging much lately. Basically cos there isn't anything to report. NO wind, too hot to do much and just looking forward to August being over. I hate July and August over here. Too hot, too many people and no wind. Come September things start getting quieter and we may get a small Easterly - enough to sail on, fishing gets good and you can feel a change of season on the way.


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