Wind wind glorious wind!

We finally had some wind yesterday blowing from the NW. There were alot of guys down at Ghallis and most were using 5m and 5.2's - I was on a 4.7m . There were some lully patches but on the whole pretty constant and great to be out on the water again. The swell was nice and quite big outside. I used my Fanatic 74l wave board.

John strapped the little camera onto his wrist and took loads of video. The quality of the picture is very good but the angle was bad. Also from the wrist you cannot see the board at all so it is just sea and sky most of the time until you gybe then you get the back of the sail. You have to look at it practically sideways! So by trial and error we have to figure out the best place to strap this little contraption. John wants to strap it to the mast but I think it is a risky place to strap it just above the boom cos in a wipe out can smash the board, mast and camera all in one. I am going down shortly to grab a quick sail cos the wind is looking good again, so I think I will try strapping it to my shin and see what that produces. There is a kit I can purchase that attaches to a helmet, but first would like to try it out in different ways. I could also try the front end of the boom - especially my boom cos the front goes quite wide.


PeconicPuffin said…
Helmet mounting is never know where the camera is pointed.

I've had some success with boom least when you watch the video at the end of the session you know how to adjust the camera for next time. Haven't smashed it yet!
Bunty said…
Yep I think that is probably what will end up being the best mounting.