This is for you Horsey

So this is for you Horsey.
Don't have a big choice of photos - need to get some good ones.
The boat is called a Drascombe Coaster Longboat (I think that is the particular model - there are quite alot of different models). It is a traditional type sailing boat with tan sails (which I love).
We bought the boat second (or third or fourth??) hand. Must be around 35 years old. Stripped it right down to the hull and did a big refurb job on it. Well my husband did all the work - though I did strip and redo all the spars and alot of woodwork jobs on it too. The hull was resprayed and new gunwhales were put on (probably the hardest job of all). It is a gaff rig and has a small mizzen and also a jib. My husband put on a bowsprit and made a cruising chute (you can see a pic of the chute in an earlier blog entry last week). It has a slot at the back designed for an ouboard engine. We have a Mariner 9.9HP engine on ours. The rudder and centreboard are solid steel. The boat itself is very light. The spars are all wooden. You can sail with a boom or without. We tend not to use the boom - basically less hassle and do not really feel the need for it. Our model has a little cabin which is really useful for storing fishing gear, cushions, ladder etc.
She is great fun to sail in a force 3 -4. Surprisingly sails pretty close to the wind and ofcourse very seaworthy. Have had some good sailing days on her in quite strong wind and very choppy sea and she performed admirably.
As a fishing boat she is also excellent as she is low in the water and very manoueverable, so retrieving fish is not a difficult task. (That is when we catch fish ofcourse!)
For more detailed info you can go onto this site


Joe said…
I love it!
Bunty said…
Yes we love it too! We like the classic look and like to go for something out of the ordinary.