Nice Hour

Enjoyed a good hour of windsurfing late yesterday afternoon. Was on my wave board and 5m Tushingham Rock - yep that sail rocks all right. So comfortable. All the guys were on 5m's and so was I! Am usually half a sq m under the men but I just tightened it up well and was very very comfortable. Strapped on the camera to front end of the boom and did alot of experimenting while sailing hoping to get it at a good angle. Came home and stuck card into the comp - result - empty card! I figured out that I must have deleted my footage when I switched on one time thinking I was pressing the video mode! Hmmm................OK won't even mention the comments I got from family members about that!! Such as my hair colour is quickly turning a lighter shade of blonde!! OK enough said about that before I shrivel up with embaressment. All I can say is I keep my family pleasantly amused!!

The most important thing out of all this is I had LOADS of fun.......especially as I was convinced I was getting some really good footage............end of subject - enough said..............aaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!