In Wisconsin now!

Wow.......I have really done some mileage in this country of stars and stripes! Getting quite close to the 2000 mile mark!
I am now in Wisconsin - was in South Carolina a couple of days ago. What have I done, well lots.......swimming in the Atlantic off the Isle of Palms, crabbing, eating (!), ddrriiivviiinnggg! Swimming in the lake, rafting ofcourse, site seeing plantations, 100 year old trees etc etc.
I now have to rush cos it seems we are going ''tubing'' down some river shortly.
Sorry no pics but not very organised having to jump from computer to computer when I grab it! When I get home will have a full report out with photo slide shows etc.
OK I have to go.


Joe said…
Holy Cow, you are doing a wee bit of driving.