Great Day Rafting the Nolichuky

Well it certainly was a full day yesterday! We did some white water rafting on the Nolichuky in North Carolina and Tennessee. It was quite long starting around 10 and ending around 4, but 6 hours full of fun, adventure and stunning scenery. Our guide, Tim, made it all the more pleasant for us by giving us little snippets of local knowledge and history - he also saved me from 'drowning' but that's another story-ha ha!

My only disappointment was that we didn't see a bear. Apparently they saw 2 tiny bear cubs the other day but there was no sign of the mother. The water was quite low so the rapids were not wild wild (The Dominican Rep was wilder) but still wild enough for me to be tossed into the water 3 times!! It was a laugh all the way down (and perhaps even funnier when I decided to do the last small section on a 'duck' (inflatable kayak thingy). I actually wish I had taken a duck further upstream - very challenging and good fun.

The guides are all ofcourse excellent and know exactly what they are doing. Tim was superb and it was amazing to find that he was in Malta for 2 weeks Jan before last. Happy to hear he loved it too! We went with USA Raft which proved to be an excellent outfit. I will be writing a review about them on Tripadvisor.

We had another great overnight experience on our second night. We found this camping/hostelry/cabin place to stay. It caters for rafters and mostly heavy duty hikers going onto the Appalchian Trail. The owner 'John' was priceless with his slow southern drawl and ssllooowww way of doing things, but we got a fantastic cabin (as I said in a previous entry) and it really got us into the mountain atmosphere. It certainly is a world of its own up there!
The mountains are simply stunning and the birdlife is amazing with birds of prey circling overhead everywhere. Even driving on the interstate is a pleasant experience cos the scenery is so lovely.

I have also been sharing with some of the driving. First time driving an automatic, but as easy as it is still don't quite feel I am driving without a gear stick!

Now we are down in Charleston,SC (drove down for 5 hours after the rafting!) and today plan to buy loads of fresh shrimp and have a feast...............yummy! Jane has gone back to sleep so till she decides to wake up I will dive into my book.......................and I also have my cousin's two cats to entertain me. Would you believe they sit, give you their paw, beg and fetch!! I will have to try and train Cic when I get back home!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put on some of the rafting pics.


Joe said…
You have to come out west if you want to see bears. Then you can stop by the Bay Area and go for a sail.