Brief Overview of my Trip

Looking upriver on the Nolichuky

The Smoky Mountains

Speaks for itself!

There is nothing more boring than reading about someone's personal summer holiday - so will spare all the details and just put some stuff in note form! I have made out a route map which can be accessed on this link .
In total 3,700 miles was the mileage clocked from my arrival to my leaving at Detroit airport.

1. Arrived and day spent fishing (caught some nice Bass) and relaxing on the lake at my cousins house.

2. 12 hour drive down towards Asheville in North Carolina.

3. Day touring Biltmore Estate.

4. White Water rafting down the Nolichuky river (great fun!) then a 5 hour drive to Charleston, South Carolina.

5. Few days in Charleston sight seeing and also went crabbing which was great fun - especially eating it for supper!

6. 17 hour drive back up to Battle Creek, Michigan..................uuuuh! That was a marathon!

7. No time to rest and following day 8/9 hour drive up to Rice Lake in Wisconisn.

8. Few days there and went tubing down a river and saw 3 or 4 Bald Eagles close up which was a great experience.

9. Drove back................the long way! Via North of Lake Michigan to cross the Macanaw Bridge and then down to Battle Creek.

10 Last day on lake at the house and went fishing again - some time to relax at last!

And that was my trip! Appalchian mountains were very picturesque with some lovely views. Had lots of great laughs and a few stories to tell.

Plan to produce a slide show of some of my more interesting shots. All taken with the ProHero Action digital camera. Basic photos but great when you are in or on the water. Very happy I bought it, but need to get used to using the video part. So looking forward to experimenting when we get some wind.


Bertu said…
Sounds like you had a long but amazing trip! No need to say sorry for 'discovering' my blog! :P I've discovered yours, in any case!

Take care bunt, see you around!
Kelly said…
Wow, that's a huuuge trip! I noticed you went to Biltmore Estate, what did you think? (I write about all things Asheville at, I'm always interested in visitors' opinions!)
Bunty said…
I enjoyed our day there thoroughly and in true American style it was meticulously organised. The house was very lavish and quite amazed at their advanced bathrooms for those days! What surprised me most was the exceptionally comfortable servants quarters for those days. I doubt very much if many of the richer households in Europe at the time offered such comfortable accom to their servants. They must have been a very nice family! Ofcourse the gardens were gorgeous and very interested to see the different amount of colours they had for the Hibiscus plant - especially the mauve coloured one at the start of the walk down to the hothouse on the road. Winery was also very interesting even though I am not a wine drinker.
Kelly said…
i think, for some reason, that my favorite part is the bathrooms! they really were incredibly advanced for the time! thanks for your comment on my blog, i appreciate you visiting the site. i also responded to your comment there.
Fanny said…
Very nice…!!! Thanks for sharing your experience of a wonderful travel trip.