Back Home

Well back home from my US holiday and in total we covered almost 4,000 miles! I passed thru 10 different states and don't want to see a Highway type road for a very long time!!
I arrived back Saturday and have not been able to sleep at all, but finally last night I managed out on the sofa. Feeling a bit more normal today but the boiling hot weather does not make it any easier. It was a fun time just being with my cousin and meeting other members of my family, some of whom I met for the first time. I will not complain ever again about having to drive for half an hour to get somewhere here in Malta...................try driving for 17 hours straight to get back home!

Now I am back I will hopefully get sorted within the next week and renew my avid blogging. There is quite a lot to get down besides all the interesting stuff that has been going on at the various PWA events - it seems like Pozo kept up its reputation as one of the windiest spots on the planet. Doubles seem to be an everyday thing have to look for the triples to be cool!!

OK need to catch up with my email box.


Joe said…
I'm glad that you had a great trip....It takes me 20 minutes to get out of San Francisco, so I never want to hear you complain about driving half an hour on Malta. ;)