Thanks 'Horsey' for this great link. A woman to really admire and even more so to see someone still practicing the sport at her age. I don't feel so old after all! Her name is Ava Hollaman and you should read her history on her site - http://www.boardlady.com/index.htm . Very interesting.

Both 'Puffy' and 'Horsey' have sent me instructions how to creat links to sites without having to write out the whole address but they just don't work for me. Don't know what I am doing wrong! Any easier way?? Stupid question ofcourse.


PeconicPuffin said…
Aw Bunty...I've been linking to Eva for years! Now the Horse gets the credit! :)

Try this web site" for a simple explanation of how to make a link.
Bunty said…
Sorry Puff about that - obviously not observant enough!
Bunty said…
Oh By the Puffy thanks for the link to the site for making 'links' - hopefully I will manage now!
Joe said…
her site.

< a href="http://www.boardlady.com/index.htm" > her site.< /a >

< a href="http://www.anysite.com" > anysite.< /a >

There should be no spaces between the arrows and the text. I typed it this way so you can see what is under the hood