This is a ''Fish On Fridays'' for you Horsey!

John came back with a nice size Barracudda last night weighing in at 2 kilos (around 4lbs). He caught a small one last week which was delicious - this one is going on the BBQ with his friends tonight!
The above pic I dedicate to old Horsey who, as I have said on another occasion, has a sleazey ''Fish On Fridays'' section - though he did dedicate one to me which is more to my taste .........thanks for that!
Now why did I manage to get one link workable and not the other??? This automatic linking business is driving me crazy. I am following instructions word for word and step by step and there is always something wrong. I am beginning to think that it is Blogger and not me!


Joe said…
Thanks for the pic.

P.S. I sent you an email about creating links in Blogger.