Sea is lovely right now!

Sunset over L-Ahrax and channel

Haven't been blogging much lately. Getting organised for departing to the US tomorrow morning.

Summer and the heat has set in well and good! The usual summer activity of crazy boat and jetbike riders on the water. The highlight moments this past week were getting out on the boat and enjoying it (pics above taken on boat last Sunday) and going down for an early evening swim each day.................water absolute heaven!

Will try and keep blog going while away - all depends on access of a computer with internet.


Joe said…
Bunty, have a great trip!

Can we learn more about "the boat" when you get back?


P.S. I am from San Francisco. My Dad is from New York. His family is Corsican (somehow Russo turned into Rousso and then into Rouse), Catalan and Irish. My Mom is from the Philippines. Her family is Spanish, Chinese and Irish.
PeconicPuffin said…
Pretty, but no whitecaps...

Enjoy your time here in the States...I'm still waiting for the wind I hoped you'd bring!
Bunty said…
Thanks for your comments guys.Always enjoy getting comments from you so keep them rolling in!
Will tell you lots about the boat when I get back and so sorry no wind Puffy! Hope you get a whole load of it this week. Down here in ''Hill Billy'' country we're getting alot of thunder storms but it's great and loving every moment!