Biltmore Estate - North Carolina

The Biltmore Mansion

Today we visited the Biltmore Estate. For those who are trying to find out how much the entrance fee is it is $47 for an adult day ticket. It sounds like alot (well it is) but it is money well spent. A whole day is not even enough if you plan on seeing absolutely everything. We visited the actual mansion, gardens and the winery and that took us the best part of a day. Won't bore you with all the details,but an amazing place, beautiful gardens, extremely large grounds and from what I hear good quality wine (I am not a wine drinker so cannot tell you about that!).

So far it has not ceased to amaze me at how organised everywhere is...............whether it is somewhere like the Biltmore to the information centres on the honours for efficiency and organisation. And last but no means least is the politeness of everyone. Whoever you talk to or pass by they are just so polite - I think some of us Maltese should come over here and be trained in communication manners!!

So.................last night we found a sleazy (but very clean) biker's motel to stay in which was very overpriced (though still quite cheap for European standards) and we had a real laugh. There was a terrific thunderstorm too which was very exciting to watch. Well tonight we are on the banks (more or less) of the Nolichuky river on the edge of the National Park (one of them in the Appalachians). We came to enquire about something at a little wooden place to find it accommodated campers, had a hostel room and some cabins. So we rented a cabin for $57 and it's terrific. Bedroom, extra pullout bed in the sitting room,shower and fully equipped kitchenette. Brilliant! Just outside we have a little porch which you can sit out on listening to the water flowing by in the Nolichuky.

Now tomorrow morning we have an early start to go white water rafting. Don't think it will be as wild as the rafting I did in the Dominican Rep cos the water level is not so high, but I am quite sure it is going to be great fun and I know the scenery is going to be absolutely stunning. So will let you know how we get on! Until then......................................


PeconicPuffin said…
I'm glad to hear you're being treated the United States some regions are better mannered than others (New York City, where I am, can get a little rude). The South can be delightful.
Bunty said…
Well so far I can honestly say I have NOT come across one single rude or bad mannered person. Hope that trend continues.