Arrived and on the Road!

Hi Y'all! Sittin' in a ''biker's'' motel right now and having a scream of a time! Had a really great and smooth trip over- didn't miss any connections and actually arrived around 40 minutes early! NorthWest airlines proved to be a good surprise cos was expecting not such good service etc after reading comments on Tripadvisor.

Was met by my cousins and it is just so great to see them all. They have a super house on a lake and the following morning I was out fishing on the canoe with my cousin's son for over 3 hours. I cannot begin to describe the peace and atmosphere out on the lake fishing. Not a human sound-just the natural sounds of nature.............bull frogs,birds of all kinds and silence! We caught a few fish....bass, pumpkin seed (?) and something else. Not big enough to keep though 3 or 4 I caught must have been just under the required length. Then my cousin caught a lovely sized Bass - around a kilo to a kilo and a half. We kept it alive but then let it go.

Yesterday we started our road trip down from Michigan to S.Carolina. A long drive down near Asheville, NC......................but I will carry this on tonight cos right now my cousin is waiting for me to change so we can go out for a walk!