Some Shots from Yesterday

Above are a couple of shots I took yesterday of my 'better half' and youngest son, John.
Had another good day yesterday, but wind direction and stability was better the day before. Hands and body are feeling a bit worse for wear right now! Today should be sailable again, just hoping the wind shifts a bit more Easterly cos it went very South East yesterday late afternoon and still seems to be that way.
More good news - looking at long range forecast it looks like we may have some more Easterly wind next week. A bit far away so it will prob change but ever hoping.

check out the Young Guns site on for some of the kids shots


PeconicPuffin said…
Looks like good conditions to me. Enjoy!
Bunty said…
Thanks Puffy and DID enjoy. Could have had some waves but still made the most of it. 3 days in a row is great so I am not complaining!