More Wind On the Way

This weekend is going to be light winds. Tomorrow morning is an 08.30 start for the yachts participating in the VEGA yacht race. This is an offshore race that takes the yachts from Marsamxett Harbour (Malta) up and around an oil rig, that lies off the coast of Sicily, and back to Malta. Very roughly around 120 miles altogether.

Right now the forecast is showing wind increasing late Monday afternoon to 20 knots + Easterly (great!) and Tuesday carrying on Easterly around 21-22 knots. With a bit of luck it may even be more funneling into the bay. Doubt if the waves will be much - just little tiddlers probably, but hopefully enough to play around on. Hope to be wearing my shorty cos long wetsuit is getting a bit hot, but jelly fish have been quite bad so it may be a matter of wearing long wetsuit for protection.


Hi Bunti !!!

Thanks you very much!!!
here in germany is everything OK. hot wetter..... ;))
I hope see you one day on the water..... ;)

Gretings from Germany and fun your sailing !!!