Body Broken

Well we had 3 days in a row and I made sure I made the most of it! Result: I am feeling totally broken, could hardly get out of bed today and am now going to have to reach out for a pain killer!

I just wrote a whole load of stuff and published it and after reading it thought it was such trash decided I had to delete and start again! Think it is all due to a windsurfing hangover.

Have decided to do a short write up here about blistered hands and the best way to avoid a very painful scenario. But that's for another day, right now I have a cup of tea and a tablet waiting for me!!


PeconicPuffin said…
This is great...I love your sharing the editing process. I have often written "trash" and deleted it...unfortunately I often click on "publish" as soon as I've blathered so it's too late!

Looking forward to the blister post. I hope your hands feel better soon. Sounds like some great windsurfing was had!
Bunty said…
Thanks Puffy - always good to hear what people think about my writing - good or not! Today is windy but a lousy direction - South. Very very gusty to the extent that it is just no fun sailing in it. So going to wait and see if wind turns a bit but doesn't look like it...will wait till tomorrow which looks like we may get a quick sail in late afternoon cos wind turning westerly, so it will be a flat water blasting session if the wind is kind.