Blogging sessions coming up

I know I have not been as active blogging as I usually am , but I am going to correct that by the end of this week. I have a whole stash of stuff that I need to sort through and get out thru my blog. A mixture of Gozo Cultural events, walks, some windsurfing stuff I want to do etc etc. I think I have been on the computer so much recently that my eyes and brain can't really take much more of it at the mo. BUT I WILL get down to sorting my stuff out and getting it up here on this blog.

The REALLY good news is that the weekend forecast is looking mightly good. Starting off on Friday afternoon with around 21knots of E then around 24knots for Sat and 21knots for Sunday. Bad news is I have changeovers in Gozo on Saturday but I have worked it all out how I am going to organise it so I can be back down here and in the water by around 2.30. If the forecast holds I CANNOT miss it, especially since it is a direction I love here in the bay with a few waves. If it holds I plan to surf till my hands are raw and bleeding - I can face the music after.