The Wind Hates Me!

It was another gorgeous spring day yesterday so Anton and I caught the ferry over to Gozo and had a nice 3 hour walk through Ghajnsielem and up to Nadur and along the ridge through Qala. We sat and had our sandwich lunch overlooking the great view of Mgarr harbour and Blue Lagoon/Comino and Channel. Fantastic view!

Once we got back home I saw on windfinder that the wind should be picking up between 4 and 5 to around 22 knots so was keeping an eye on the wind. Went down around 4.20 and quickly rigged up a 5.5m Tushingham Rock and Fanatic Skate. It was looking really good and I had a couple of great runs then somebody just turned the switch off and that was the end of that!

The best thing about it all was I suddenly realised while windsurfing that in a couple of weeks we will probably be using our shorties instead of a full wetsuit! Great!