Where Are They Now? Part 2


Born and bred on Maui, Fred must now be very well into his 50's. Used to swim as a youngster and even broke some record swimming too. You can see a very brief biography on
Fred broke the World speed record in 1983 in Weymouth with a radical new design of sail which paved the way for sails using cams. Still a very active surfer and one of the most respected persons within the windsurfing community. He now runs a real estate business in Maui.


Originally known for his surfing he took to windsurfing after he moved to Maui. He has seen the sport through one of the most important initial stages of its development. He went into business with Dave Ezzy . He designs surf boards and has now lately become heavily involved in the new craze of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Jerry must be in his 50’s now but still someone to contend with seriously on the water.
Read more about Jerry Lopez on


Can’t find photo, just videos, but if you go onto this link he will ‘talk to you’

AG lives in Hawaii and runs his shop and still races and competes in events. So he is one of the many who’s career has been formed thru the sport. AG is also into speed sailing (besides still ripping at Hookipa) and is at the high end of the 30’s (in knots) when it comes to speed – think its around 38 knts. Found this insert from Feb 08 on the Maui Surf Report blog – Quote:

By the time I got to the parking, the sailor had caught the wave and was riding it. It was the biggest wave I've ever seen anybody riding at Hookipa. More than two masts high. Clearly, after the huge close out the sailor had no other chance than to sail back to shore.That sailor was good old Alex Aguera.

How old is he? Hmm not sure, but he won the 1st Aloha Wave Classic back in 1984 so I reckon that makes him mid 40 ish.

http://www.mauisails.com/barry_corner.php?id=50 The article and pics on this link are back in 1984 and make interesting reading.

Mike Waltz: (Finding pics of these guys is proving really tough! Any suggestions?)

An all time great (and one of the very best ever) and Mr. Hookipa himself. First person to sail Hookipa and also first person to put a sail on a surfboard - so was the first short board surfer. It seems Mike is still very active in the sport and is heavily involved in kiting too.