Running Your Car On Water

Just clicked onto a Google advert which looked interesting. Anyone know about this or heard about it?

Being an environmentally concious person it caught my interest. (One reason why sail power and not motor power interests me!) Appreciate any comments about this.


Joe said…
I'm dubious of claims made by folks like these. If it is possible then my state would mandate it for every car on the road.

I think that since you live on such a small island it would be better for you to walk, ride a bike or buy an electric moped or car. There are now solar panels being sold that charge electric vehicles.
Bunty said…
As soon as our government reduces all the ridiculous taxes etc on eco friendly cars I will buy one! As for walking......I do what I for biking - you have no idea how hilly this island is???? Thanks for your comment Joe.
Joe said…
Do you know how hilly San Francisco is? I think I know how you feel.