A Breath of Wind

There was a 'breath' of wind today and went down and grabbed an hour. On my own in the bay. Wind was offshore and very very fluky but I got wet and felt better after for having gone down. Used the Fanatic Skate 99 with the 5.5m Tushingham Rock (I love those sails!). A really nice combination. Could 've done with a larger fin cos John's really small freestyle fin was on the board but I just left it on instead of changing fin. Nice thing is lovely clear blue sky. See around 18C and air temp around 23C so really nice weather for surfing.

John has a couple of new (and quite unexciting) bits of video on his blog if you are interested to see http://maltayoungguns.blogspot.com


PeconicPuffin said…
An hour is just an hour, but how great would it be to get an hour every day!

(Will check out John's blog)
Bunty said…
Dead right Puffy!