Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Running Your Car On Water

Just clicked onto a Google advert which looked interesting. Anyone know about this or heard about it? http://www.runyourcarwithwater.com/?hop=watertt

Being an environmentally concious person it caught my interest. (One reason why sail power and not motor power interests me!) Appreciate any comments about this.

Fishy Bathroom Appliances

Well earlier on I mentioned a fellow blogger who's blog is called the Horses Mouth (link under my favourite blogs). As I said earlier he has a post at the end of each week called ''Fish on Fridays'' - well he dug one up especially for me it seems. It can be found on this link http://horsesmouth.typepad.com/hm/2008/04/fish-on-frida-5.html#comments

I found it quite amusing! The things one does to pass the time!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Wind Hates Me!

It was another gorgeous spring day yesterday so Anton and I caught the ferry over to Gozo and had a nice 3 hour walk through Ghajnsielem and up to Nadur and along the ridge through Qala. We sat and had our sandwich lunch overlooking the great view of Mgarr harbour and Blue Lagoon/Comino and Channel. Fantastic view!

Once we got back home I saw on windfinder that the wind should be picking up between 4 and 5 to around 22 knots so was keeping an eye on the wind. Went down around 4.20 and quickly rigged up a 5.5m Tushingham Rock and Fanatic Skate. It was looking really good and I had a couple of great runs then somebody just turned the switch off and that was the end of that!

The best thing about it all was I suddenly realised while windsurfing that in a couple of weeks we will probably be using our shorties instead of a full wetsuit! Great!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GOZO 1234

Image taken off travelblog.org

The weekend of the 1st to 4th May is a long weekend here in Malta and Gozo. Gozo will be organising the Gozo 1234. Last year it organised Notte Gozitana which took place all over Victoria, but this year it is extended over the long weekend and will be held all over Gozo. Incorporated into the event is the Fireworks Festival.

What is this weekend all about? Basically it is a weekend of culture, folklore, various cultural activities organised in various localities throughout Gozo, walks around the old parts of Victoria, country walks etc etc. To get to know more about it click onto this link http://www.visitmalta.com/event-details?e=3447


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Breath of Wind

There was a 'breath' of wind today and went down and grabbed an hour. On my own in the bay. Wind was offshore and very very fluky but I got wet and felt better after for having gone down. Used the Fanatic Skate 99 with the 5.5m Tushingham Rock (I love those sails!). A really nice combination. Could 've done with a larger fin cos John's really small freestyle fin was on the board but I just left it on instead of changing fin. Nice thing is lovely clear blue sky. See around 18C and air temp around 23C so really nice weather for surfing.

John has a couple of new (and quite unexciting) bits of video on his blog if you are interested to see http://maltayoungguns.blogspot.com

Friday, April 18, 2008

Trying to Make the Most of the Little we Get

The windsurfing season has been so bad that I am trying to make the most of the little we are getting. It was a very fluky south/south-east sometimes east yesterday. Went down for a few minutes with 4.5m and Mistral Pro 86 then changed to a 5.2m but needed something a bit bigger. Had some good runs and enjoyed every minute of it just getting wet and being out on the water.

Puffy really don't want to read about all the lovely wind you are getting down in Hatteras! Can't you SEE how green I am??

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where Are They Now? Part 2


Born and bred on Maui, Fred must now be very well into his 50's. Used to swim as a youngster and even broke some record swimming too. You can see a very brief biography on
Fred broke the World speed record in 1983 in Weymouth with a radical new design of sail which paved the way for sails using cams. Still a very active surfer and one of the most respected persons within the windsurfing community. He now runs a real estate business in Maui.


Originally known for his surfing he took to windsurfing after he moved to Maui. He has seen the sport through one of the most important initial stages of its development. He went into business with Dave Ezzy . He designs surf boards and has now lately become heavily involved in the new craze of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Jerry must be in his 50’s now but still someone to contend with seriously on the water.
Read more about Jerry Lopez on


Can’t find photo, just videos, but if you go onto this link he will ‘talk to you’

AG lives in Hawaii and runs his shop and still races and competes in events. So he is one of the many who’s career has been formed thru the sport. AG is also into speed sailing (besides still ripping at Hookipa) and is at the high end of the 30’s (in knots) when it comes to speed – think its around 38 knts. Found this insert from Feb 08 on the Maui Surf Report blog – Quote:

By the time I got to the parking, the sailor had caught the wave and was riding it. It was the biggest wave I've ever seen anybody riding at Hookipa. More than two masts high. Clearly, after the huge close out the sailor had no other chance than to sail back to shore.That sailor was good old Alex Aguera.

How old is he? Hmm not sure, but he won the 1st Aloha Wave Classic back in 1984 so I reckon that makes him mid 40 ish.

http://www.mauisails.com/barry_corner.php?id=50 The article and pics on this link are back in 1984 and make interesting reading.

Mike Waltz: (Finding pics of these guys is proving really tough! Any suggestions?)

An all time great (and one of the very best ever) and Mr. Hookipa himself. First person to sail Hookipa and also first person to put a sail on a surfboard - so was the first short board surfer. It seems Mike is still very active in the sport and is heavily involved in kiting too.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Walking........But Not Often Enough!

The above super yacht is the 95m ''Indian Empress'' - think it belongs to a rather rich Indian guy!
Took a long 'suburban' walk around the yacht marina and Sliema front - about 3 hours in all. Need to do more walking to keep fit - too little wind over here.
Some lovely boats around. Took a load of pics but have lost most of them cos been having problems with a new card reader I bought which is messing up the pics for me. So think I will have to bin it (a cheapo bought off ebay!).

Did They Capsize or Didn't They?

I got the above pic of The Horses Mouth Blog (it's on my 'favourite blogs' on the right hand side if you want to go into his blog). Horsey always comes out with some great pics. Don't know what his sources are site wise, but he gets some great and unusual photos on his blog. That is apart from his 'girly' ''Fish on Fridays'' post each Friday - which are purposely sleazy!
Have no idea what the outcome was of the above pic, but I would say they DIDN'T go over.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

'MISCHIEF' Kicks Ass

Photos by George Bonello Dupuis

Above is the Dehler yacht ''Mischief'' owned and skippered by our dear friend Martin (also a fellow windsurfer who now prefers the laid back life of yachting!! Sorry had to have a dig there!). Well Martin has been kicking ass lately cos he won his class outright during the recent Global Capital Gozo weekend. Now he has positioned first in the BOV spring series held by the Royal Malta Yacht Club. Hats off to Martin - obviously his new sails are playing their part and he has got the boat finely tuned.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tommy's New Camera

One of our fellow windsurfers has got a new camera which can get wet! So he has been out with it and taken some shots standing on the reef in the middle of the bay and also sailing with one hand while shooting with the other! Will be putting a couple of shots on and a really funny (well funny to those who know him!) piece of video he took of himself while sailing. Also another of him doing a 36o. I WANT one of these cameras, I can then swim out to the point of Ghallis and get some really great shots on the break as it comes round the island.

Weather Forecast Site

A while ago a friend passed this weather site onto me and have meaning to share it with fellow windsurfing and sailing bloggers for a while. You have to register but it's free. If you have a problem actually using it let me know and I will help you thru the stages. Very simple really - I just use it very very basically, there are all sorts of other bits of info that you can get on it but I stick to the basic ''What's the wind going to be like'' part!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Global Capital Gozo Weekend Regatta

Martin receiving his prize during the prize giving

John hiking out with fellow crew members onboard 'Artie'

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Malta, therefore the perfect weekend to hold the Global Capital Gozo Weekend Regatta for yachts. John raced onboard Lee Satariano's boat 'Artie' (a J109) and had a wow of a time. The first race took them from Marsamxett Harbour up to Mgarr Harbour in Gozo. The following day they had a race that took them twice round Comino and on the final day it was a race back down to Malta.

Martin Meachen on his Dehler 'Mischief' won each race in his class, so it was a very successful weekend for him. He is pictured above receiving his well earned prize.

The pics were taken off the gallery from the yacht club website http://www.rmyc.org/ . If you would like to see some other great shots go onto the link to enter the site.

You can view a new entry in John's blog on http://maltayoungguns.blogspot.com/


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