Where Are They Now? Part 1

Phew! Not sure what I got myself in for here. It is definitely a time consumer and not as easy to find the actual info I want. So starting with the first part for a taster. Thought I would start at the very beginning with the 'TWO' inventors themselves and a black & white of the original Tencate - teak boom and all. Can you remember those wooden booms and the boom connection it had - trying to tie it well enough so it doesn't slip! Why did they take so long to invent boom clamps!

Following Hoyle and Jim (on first name terms here!) I thought it apt to follow up with the late Arnaud and stunning Jenna de Rosnay.
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We never bothered about the wind force in those days.

Hoyle Schweitzer

Jim Drake

So let’s start at the beginning. There was Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake. I won’t even mention the battle that followed after windsurfing took off. Let’s just say that they both brought the sport into being and leave it there. HS was a business man and JD was a an aeronautical engineer. They actually patented it in 1968 (that’s quite a while ago when you come to think of it!). It was in 1973 that Tencate was licenced to start producing the ‘windsurfer’.

If you want to read an interview about all the stuff that went on then you can find it on the
www.windsurfingacademy.com site.

What are they doing now? Well I have looked and looked and can’t find anything on what they are actually doing in the ‘here and now’, but probably if not already retired close onto retirement. Correct me if I’m wrong! Just want to say a big THANK YOU to these guys cos just what would our lives have been like without them? Did you ever stop to think about that?

The lovely Jenna de Rosnay (er...I had to clip this pic otherwise we would have had an entry for the 'wet t-shirt' competition......sorry about that Horsey!)

Baron Arnaud de Rosnay, a Parisian aristocrat and heir to a Mauritian sugar fortune, was the great windsurfing long distance pioneer. Achieving amazing distances and crossings such as the Bering Straits (during the Cold War and without the permission of the Soviets!), Miami to Cuba amongst others. One very ambitious crossing attempt was the 500 miles from the Marquesas to Tahiti. It was meant to take 5 days but it took him nearly 2 weeks to reach French Polynesia. He had encountered shark attacks besides the obvious dehydration, bad hands etc. He then decided to sail from China to Taiwan across the 100 mile Taiwan Strait in the South China Sea. Unfortunately he never made it and was never found. What actually happened has remained a mystery – it could be a number of things, but won’t go into that.

Jenna – well guys eat your heart out. She just has it all – probably every man’s dream (and woman’s too – to look like that is!). She is mid 40’s now but probably looks no older than about 30! She had a rough time losing her husband Arnaud, but is now married once again. Took the following from her site:

‘’Jenna de Rosnay is now remarried to French music entrepreneur Emmanuel de Buretel. In addition to her daughter with Arnaud, she is the mother of three young girls. She now divides her time between islands; an island in Paris, the British Isles, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. Even when she's in town, even when Maui is 24 hours away, water is never far. ‘’

Jenna was once the World Speed queen establishing world records when Weymouth was big on the speed calendar.
Needless to say Jenna became, and still is, a fashion icon. She worked with Dior, Nike, Celine and Sports Illustrated besides being cover girl for Vogue and Elle. She has her own creations now.

She has it all!


Anonymous said…
Hey I was just surfing and i found this- jenna de rosnay is actually my best friends mum, no jokes and if you want to know she's really nice!! probably not as stunning as before but still really pretty and her 3 daughters are the cutest things x
Bunty said…
Thanks for that! How interesting that you know her. No doubt her daughters are just as lovely as she is and I am quite sure, though she looks older, she is as gorgeous as ever. In her windsurfing days she was my idol! The closest I ever got to looking like her was to wear a Neil Pryde wetsuit that had her name design on it!! LOL!