Yet again no photos - sorry about that!
So, let's start with Friday. I was busy up in Gozo most of the day cos had guests leaving and arriving. Fortunately I managed to get back by about 3 to find hubbie and youngest son faithfully waiting for 'mother' to go windsurfing. They had all equipment packed in back of van - even drink and sandwiches - I WAS impressed! The wind was blowing and we sped off towards Ghallis. By the time I got there the wind was blowing a good 6 to 7 with some gusts probably stronger. The shore break wasn't too bad - not bad enough to put me off going down. So I rigged the 4m and out I went. The waves and swell on the point were great - hadn't been out in those conditions down at Ghallis for one hell of a long time. Some pretty big swell and I was loving it! Have to admit at one time it did cross my mind ''What the heck am I doing out here at my age?'' - but then it was up and over the next wave and back in bombing down (unhooked and right at the edge of being catapulted) back in and just enjoying the adrelanin rush and I knew why I was out there. John sailed really well and got in some nice wave rides and high jumps. By the time we came back out the shore break had built up a bit but there was help to get out - but cramp in the calf didn't really help the situation. As I was on the water and had no intention of giving up any time to take photos - result is NO PICS.

Yesterday was a fantastic Spring day. Really lovely weather with just a light breeze and clear skies. Anton and I drove to Ta'Santi and parked the car and walked out to Fomm ir-Rih. First mishap was just as we arrived I realised I had put the damaged camera card into the camera - so no pics once again! Second mishap was when we reached a fantastic viewing point on the edge of the cliff overlooking Gnejna Bay and across the Golden Bay and beyond towards Gozo in the distance (stunning view). We sat to have a welcome cup of tea and biscuit which I had brought along in my napsack. Realised I fogot the herbal tea bags! So we improvised - we had the hot water and stuck a sprig of Wild Thyme in the mug. It was actually quite pleasant drinking, so not such a disaster after all.

John is racing on the yacht 'ARTIE' this weekend. There is a Gozo weekend for the yachts so he is up there for 3 days of racing which should be great fun.

Today a light breeze and nice and sunny. We will take another walk this afternoon and this time I will make sure no mishaps with the camera.