New Idea!

Had a nice sail yesterday. Sailed in the bay again. Big shore break Ghallis but no wind - at least didn't miss anything by not going down there. Was on my 74 litre with 4.5m but would have been better off with a bit more volume cos there were quite a few lulls. BUT I am just SO enjoying being on the water. It has been such a lousy winter windwise, just hoping that the Spring will carry on with good wind. It was lovely and warm yesterday - around 19C with really clear blue sky - not a cloud.

Right........this morning had an idea - ttrrriing! (That's the light going on in my head by the way).
Windsurfing is a 'new' sport. In the sense that the ''pioneers'' are now heading toward - should we say - the slightly 'later' stretch of their lives! It would be interesting to select a few of these original well known surfers and take a look at what they are doing today. Are they still involved in the sport, or has the sport had a huge impact on what they did and are still doing with their lives?

I am one of those persons who was introduced to the sport just a couple of years after its conception so to speak. I have seen it thru every little bit of change including the change over when the whole windsurfing world community was focussed on 'Olympic Racing' over to the 'Funboard' era when chopping your old Tencate and trying to make your boards was the in thing...............well the rest is history!

Basically I thought - well there must be quite a large community of us out there who have seen the sport all the way thru and are still ultra keen and practicing. So, any contributions would be welcome. I'm sure someone has probably come up with this already on their blog, but maybe I will have some different personalities on this one. I need to do a bit of research, so it won't be up today.

Sorry no pic but took a load yesterday and John actually took some too with me in them and guess what? There's something wrong with the card! It seems I am doomed not to be able to see what I look like when I am on the water......well perhaps thats better on second thoughts!


francesca said…
Good topic Bunt! Yeah I'm back on the water after a "lull" of surgery recuperation again this year.. ah well what can one say, when we're this age it takes a bit longer to heal, but nothin makes us heal faster than looking out the window and itching to be on the water when its blowin'!! So yes, as an oldie I can relate to the evolution of board sail & male dominated days.. hehe ;-) Living in Mellieha now overlooking the Bay so have no excuses to miss out on the conditions anymore... and.. mid-forties is no deterrent either.. well, a great windsurfing man in one's life helps a tad! Sooo great to be partners with one you can share the wind & waves with! Ah he just got me an early birthday pressie.. Lorch 262 (103 litre) woo hoo.. more babies for our surfboard family ;-)

See you on the water.. and bring the camera girl!!

Fran (and Tom)