Is It Going To Be a Good Spring?

The question is ''Is it going to be a good spring wind wise?'' Well it certainly can't be any worse than it has been this winter. We thought last winter was bad.......................well this one was worse!! Last week was a record for this year surfing 3 days in a week! Went down to Ghallis yesterday and quite a few people showed up - we even rigged! Bad thing to do cos as soon as the wind gods saw us rigging they turned the switch off!! Shame cos I passed Ghallis early in the morning it looked so good, same thing happened today with wind in the morning but by lunch time it had died down. Thing is no one can go down till mid day cos of work and there is no way I will go down to Ghallis on my own, so.....................oh well! Fingers crossed for next week.
This weekend there is going to be NO wind whatsoever - looks more like wakeboarding type of weather coming. Instead I think I will charge up the camera batteries and we can go off and have a nice walk and picnic somewhere - its going to be really warm too so that will be nice. The sunny clear days at this time of year are always lovely......................BUT even nicer when the wind is blowing.