Feelin' Good!


Great! A brilliant start to the week - hopefully a warm up for all the wind that is meant to be happening all week.
We sailed in the bay cos it was a bit too westerly for Ghallis. I was a bit over at first with it howling a 7 and even 8 at times, but then it went down a bit and was much more sailable without having to battle with the wind too much. Had the 4m Tushingham (great sail - especially as small sails go cos I don't usually like using 4's) and my 74L Fanatic New Wave.
Hopefully it will turn a bit more North Westerly now so we can sail in Ghallis and enjoy the waves - much more exciting.


tmr84 said…
he its nice to see windsurfing on malta. I'm from Tunis but currently reside in the US and sail the Jersey Shore. Def jealous on your conditions!

Bunty said…
Glad you have managed to find my blog. Had a look on yours - looks good. Not sure how far you are from Long Island but one of my regular blog favourites is Peconic Puffin and he sails Long Island. You should check it out.