Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some Surfing Pics from Malta

Pics by Chris Spiteri - rider in top 2 pics Jay
Last week while we were in Venice they had a big NNE swell come in here at home. We don't often get these swells in Malta so whenever we do the handful of surfers out here make the most of it!


Joe said...

Yeah Baby!

Sarah said...

Wow you would never know! He looks like he's doing a grand job! Did he make it in the first photo? It looks like he might be heading head over feet!

jeff said...

it looks like a sequence shot the second one being the landing?

Bunty said...

Yes it was - pics taken by a friend of mine. I didn't put them all up.

Anonymous said...

A wee bit late on this one, but was just wondering if you know of anywhere that rents boards in Malta?


Bunty said...

I think Joe at Ripcurl (Freeway in Bugibba or at the Plaza in Sliema) rents surf boards. If you are after windsurfers then the equipment available to rent is pretty ancient. There is the Mellieha Bay Hotel or Windy Shack under the Adira SAiling Centre in Mellieha Bay.


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