Missed the Wind but Venice was Worth It!

Above: The pigeons in St. Mark's Square were hysterical - great fun!!

Well, just got back from a quick break in Venice (Europe). Never been and have always wanted to visit. Very expensive place but have to say it was worth every penny we spent. One just cannot begin to describe the atmosphere - it can only be experienced by going there. Pure magical place.

Obviously while we were gone the wind blew!! Sod's law! It seems they had a windy north easterly so there would have been good waves in the bay. So now its another wait for the next lot of wind - it certainly doesn't seem to be coming this week. Should I take up a different sport that doesn't rely on the wind so much? Maybe chess (no you have to use your brain too much for that!), draughts or darts! Any suggestions welcome!!


PeconicPuffin said…
Those pigeons are not shy, are they? Wow!