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Would you believe that the 'Mecca' of windsurfing is under threat of being banned!! It seems that authorities in Maui are trying to pass a bill to ban all windsurfers and kitesurfers from the beaches because they pose a threat to swimmers and........yes surfers!!! Surely there can be a compromise here. What about swimmer zones and surfer zones? And surely when windsurfers want to be out the conditions are not good enough for surfers. They like the windless glassy waves not the choppy break.

You have up to today to put in a protest about this. To learn what to do go onto this link:


Joe said…
This is completely wacked! I posted the actual bill on my blog. We have so many busy bodies in the US who are slowly turning us into a Nanny State. It's enough to make me pack my bags and move to Costa Rica.
francesca said…
I got this notification on my facebook inbox from Swedish Surfer Anders Björkqvist

"Thank you for your support.
The hearing to ban Windsurfing from the Hawaiian Island did not pass this time...
I know that many of you managed to send an e-mail in time. You can read all testemonials here:
and here

Please be alert in the future and please recruit more members to this Facebook-group. Hookipa, Sprecks and Kanaha need our support!

Maui No Ka Oi

Hookipa 4 Windsurfers
//Anders BQ"

Meantime hope to see you again on the water soon.. am now heading for (yes, wait for it) another surgery, this time on my elbow for a trapped Ulnar Nerve since last september which has stopped all feeling and most of the use of my left fingers. no surgery on my slipped disc in my neck though, so thats good news - and its not related to the elbow problem! hahaha.. well, another down in the list of surgeries and spare parts ;-)
Bunty said…
Hi Fran, Good to hear from you. Thought I had not seen you for a while - but having said that it hasnt't exactly been a season of wind has it?? Saw Tom on Saturday -I managed to get the last of the wind. From what I heard the morning was much better - but had guests to meet in Gozo so rushed down as quick as I could! Good luck with the surgery.