Got That 'Feeling' Back

What a great feeling! I am salty, hair still wet and windblown, toes numb and a lovely rubbery smell on my skin. That can only mean one thing....................I HAVE BEEN OUT ON THE WATER! Not the best of conditions, wind was dying but so what! I had a good time, enjoyed every minute of it - lulls too. After not being down since Christmas time - who's complaining!
First used my 74litre wave board then had to take the 86l - had 5m sail. OK got the bug again!


PeconicPuffin said…
Sounds like someone is excited.


We all need more time on the water...go get some!
Keith said…
hey Bunty,

great idea about the site i rly like the pics, you've got one mistake though where in '2007 In pictures part 2' where you wrote neil it should be keith!

Any wasy if u need any other pictures just let me know.

thanks and prosti onces agin


ps if you cold do not leave my email adress showing or delete the comment all together