Blog Viewership

Am very happy to see that in the one year + I have been blogging my viewership is on the increase. In the past month alone I have had around 1000 visits with nearly 2000 page views.
It is also interesting to note that nearly 400 of those was the Euromed 2007 - that's a good sign since it shows how the international interest in the event is growing.
I will have to work harder now to keep those figures going and maybe increase.
A big thanks to all those who have been 'faithful' to my blog with their regular visits. The part of blogging that is DEFINITELY the most fun is, ofcourse, the close community you become with the 'regulars' that come into your blog and you, yourself, do likewise into their blogs. You end up feeling that you actually know the people who are at the other side of that internet line.
The person who originally 'inspired' me to start blogging was Chris Pressler who sent me the link to his blog once he had started up. Once I saw it I thought why can't I try it. Have to say it's one of the best things I have done. There really is alot of fun in it - also great fun browsing thru other people's blogs too. So anyone who DOESN'T have a blog and has been thinking about..................stop thinking and get on with it!


Turinas said…
Congrats Bunty. It's very satisfying when you start something scratch, strangers come along and enjoy it. They come back. Some become friends.
PeconicPuffin said…
Congratulations! Keep it coming...