Big Big Day Today!

The bay is amazing today. Waves breaking just everywhere, places it doesn't usually break. Right now blowing about 7 to 8. Will go down and have a look at the beach soon. Determined to go down even if I sail just in the white water. Will be on our smallest sail so John and I will probably be taking it in turns today sharing the 4 metre. Also want to take some pics of the bay as it is - quite a sight.

I suppose this must have been what it was like when St. Paul got shipwrecked in Malta! Don't think I would have liked to be out in that sea just drifting in on a piece of wood!! Feels a bit safer with a sail stuck on somehow!!


PeconicPuffin said…
Sharing a rig...that's love! And evidence of your membership in the Perfect Windsurfing Wives Club (as previously discussed.)

Looking forward to photos...sounds like an exciting day.
Bunty said…
Sorry to disappoint the lovely picture you have of me but I was going to be sharing a rig with my son! So not such a 'Perfect windsurfing wife' image after all!! Actually didn't even go down. For me it was a choice of either being a 'dead hero' or a 'live coward' (an expression my husband loves to use). I opted for staying alive!! I don't think I have ever seen the bay the way it was. Once i get my comp back will have a full report.