Thursday, August 30, 2007

An Interacting Site for Yachtsmen

Image taken off Middle Sea Race images

Whilst browsing on some sailing blog sites came across this from
Its about a new site specially for sailors to share their experiences, logs etc. Like 'Facebook' for sailors. Well worth looking into if you are a keen yachtsman. The link is


Forecast for Saturday North Westerly between 19 and 22 knots. Fingers crossed it keeps. Its been over 6 weeks since I have been down and a good month since having my new Synchro Pro Edition so am itching to try it out now. We will be up in Gozo so will be nice to do some time out on the water with Gozo surfers.
Fingers and toes crossed:).........Also means the air will cool down - thats a big welcome by all on these Islands.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuna Fishing in Qbajjar - Gozo

Photos by Bunty of John catching Tuna in Gozo

We may not have any wind to go down windsurfing but last weekend was an excellent weekend for fishing. Quite a lot of fishermen were catching Tuna off the rocks on rods at Qbajjar in Gozo. Each one was around 2 kilos in size. Its very exciting to watch and also to catch ofcourse! John lost a couple on Saturday and also one early Sunday morning but finally managed to get one a short while after.
I filleted the fish, rolled it in seasoned flour and fried it - then poured lots of freshly squeezed lemon over it and it was delcious. Enough there to feed around 5 persons - big thick fillets! Yummy!
Wind forecast for next weekend lousy so hoping to get some more fish.

Gozo Cultural Calendar - September


1 - 16 Sept 'Antonio Sciortino' exhibition of sculptures commemorating the 60th
anniversary of his death at Exhibition Hall Pjazza San Frangisk,
Victoria between 8am and 1pm

7 - 30 Sept 'Kaleidoscope' exhibition of water colours by Henry Alamango at
Banca Giurale Pjazza Indipendenza Victoria between 8am and 1pm

22 Sept - Oct 'Colours vs Line' exhibition of paintings by Maxine Attard and
Graham Gurr at Exhibition Hall Pjazza San Frangisk Victoria
between 8am and 1pm

Performing Arts:

1 - 2 Sept 'Delicata Classic Gozo Wine Festival' with participation of local
talent at Gnien il-Kunsill Nadur

21 -22 Sept '3D - From Dusk till Dawn at Dwejra; festival of culture, gastronomy
and fireworks at Dwejra Bay. Participation of Tribali and Chasing
Pandora from 7pm on.

22&29 Sept 'Kickass Playes for Woman' play organized by Gozo Creative theatre
club at Il-Girna Triq ta'Cenc Sannat at 7.30pm

28 30 Sept 'Qala International Folk Festival II' participation of local and foreign
folk groups in St. Joseph Sq Qala from 7pm on

Church Services:

16 Sept Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows - service and procession St Peter and
Paul Basilica Nadur from 5.30pm on

23 Sept Feast of Salus Infirmorum - religious service and procession with
the miraculous effigy of Our Lady of Good Health - St. Joseph
Parish Church Qala from 5pm on

Traditional Events:

15 Sept 'In Guardia' re enactment of parades from times of the Knights
of St. John in Gozo Citadel


9 Sept 'Gozo Youth Wind Band in Concert' at Marsalforn Promenade
at 7.30pm

23 Sept Philarmonic Concert by the Malta Armed Forces Band in
Independence Sq Victoria at 7pm


7 Sept 'Jum il Vittorja' commemorating 20th century war victims.
Malta police band will parade and display. Gozo AFM members
will present guard of honour during wreath laying ceremony in
front of War Monument in Independence Sq Victoria at 6.45pm

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Special Offers on Gozo Accommodation/Farmhouses

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Windsurfing Pictures

Riders: John and Chris in Mellieha and Ghallis-Malta
It is hot hot hot! Temperatures are once again around 40C and we are just sweltering here in Malta. It has been an awful summer.......just hot and no wind with the exception of a couple of days. So thought I would just share a couple of pics taken earlier in the year during those lovely cooler months. Maybe it would make me feel a little cooler! Right now the most comfortable place I can think of is lying in a chest freezer full of ice!
I have hardly done any blogging this summer. As a result my hits have gone right down but plan to correct that soon. There have been a 101 reasons for my lack of blogging but wont go into that...............also computer playing up and hope to have new one within a couple of weeks which should make life easier. Meanwhile all my faithful followers please leave a comment - need some encouragement that I still have a following!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back to Blogging

Finally getting settled back into some sort of routine. Been a hectic time recently and totally by passed the Fuerte PWA event (you can read all about it on the PWA site). Also missed the only day+ of decent wind we have had in the past 3 weeks..................but never mind hopefully there will be more to come so I can try out my new board -Mistral Synchro 86 Pro Edition. It looks quite different from my present Synchro and certainly much lighter.
The Starboard Pro Kids competetion has come to an end and apparently full of amazing young talent. Pretty improssible to compete with these Caribbean kids I think. They even have a
0-7yrs class doing freestyle! The 10 year olds were doing amazing stuff too and the wind was just right for them being on the light side. Go onto the site to read all about it
Not much exciting stuff to write about just now. Summer here in Malta has been stifling with some temperatures above 40C. Haven't had a chance to enjoy the sea much and we haven't even got the boat in the water yet! September on is usually the best time for fishing so hopefully we will get the boat in and do some good fishing then.
Next week is the big feast of Santa Maria here. We will be up in Gozo for a couple of days enjoying the feast up there. I will hopefully get some good local culture photos then and post them on my blog.

Monday, August 06, 2007

August Cultural Calendar - Gozo

1-31August Sculptures commemorating maltese Artist Antonio Sciortino at Exhibition
Hall, Pjazza San Frangisk, Victoria 8am-4.30pm
4-31August Axhibition of paintings by alfred Chircop at, Triq il-Librerija,
Victoria from 9.30am to 12.15pm.
9-31August Exhibition of ceramics by Paul Haber at Banca Giuratale, Victoria from
Performing Arts:
10/11/12August "The Gozo Beer Festival" participation of local maltese singers at Pjazza
San Gwann Battista, Xewkija from 8pm on
11August "Riflessi Sajfin" Festival of song and dance organised by OASI Foundation
at il-Menqa, Marsalforn at 8pm.
31August "Nadur Wine Festival" local entertainment, food stalls adn wine tasting
at Gnien il-Kunsill, Nadur from 8pm on.
6-12August Feast of St. Laurence - Parish Church San Lawrenz
5-15August Feast of Santa Marija - Cathedral Church Victoria
6-9 & 16-19Aug Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady - Parish church Zebbug
20-26August Feast of Our Lady of Loreto - Parish Church Ghajnsielem
Traditional Events:
5August "Traditional Gozitan Meal" with participation of local singers at 8pm
Pjazza Savina, Victoria
8August Annual band concert by the Sta Marija Band of Zebbug at Pjazza
L-Assunta, Zebbug at 8pm

Sunday, August 05, 2007





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