Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jem Hall - Accommodation Jeri

Helping to spread the word around that Jem Hall (together with a couple of friends) will soon have an apartment available to let in Jericoacoa in Brazil. Jeri is a terrific place to windsurf or kitesurf with extremely reliable wind conditions throughout most of the year. It is at its windiest in winter with luke warm waters and totally away from it all. Also very cheap once you are there. If I am not mistaken flights usually go through Lisbon. To see the progress on the apartment go onto this link
If you would like to contact Jem about it go onto his website at

Pozo Ends and What a Show

Amazing shot of Taboulet taken from the PWA site

Not much time to Blog right now but I suggest you go onto for the final PWA news from Pozo and also go onto the gallery for some brilliant shots - as usual. Also on the same site is the article about the new Slalom rules - NONE! Basically anything goes................just keep out of the way. Have fun!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Err........What's the Point of It??

Just came across this link
Sorry about that but not much else better to do on a hot and windless summers day!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pozo Still Rocks but Malta Rocking Too!

Dario Ojeda Photo from PWA site

Well Pozo seems to be really living up to its name in every way with literally everybody giving all they've got. One wonders just how much more can they improve!? The girls seem to be impressive as the lads too.

Meanwhile in little old Malta we had a great day on the water too. There was some pretty big swell on the outside and it was such a sight to see the turquoise colour of the water and be able to see 'into the wave' with so much clarity as it broke. I suppose that is a really good sign cos it shows how clean the water is.

I really enjoyed my sail and my kit was tuned up so I was extremely comfortable. Also put on one of John's freestyle fins and the board worked so much better than with the fin supplied. I find the Mistral fins that come with the Synchro 83 too big for me. OK in lighter wind but in 4.5 weather they are uncomfortable. Maybe its just my style of sailing, but had no problems with a small freestyle fin yesterday. Was trying the old 360's yet again yesterday - had a couple that were close but I have a bad habit of laying the sail down too low, then when I bring it up a bit it seems to be too high then slams into my face. Usual probelms I suppose. Today looks like we may get a sail in too. Just hope the wind holds so we get a couple of hours in at least.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pozo Rocks!

Daida Moreno doing an absolutely sick pushloop table top. Those two just keep pushing and pushing to the limit! The pic was taken from the offical PWA site which gives a report of day 1 in Pozo and also all the pics in the gallery. also gives an excellent report of day 1. Conditions were excellent and it seems everyone was giving all they had from the very first heat. There were some surprise elimiations too.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Phots by Bunty. Top L Jem , right John Vulcan and bottom John going for a forward

At last sorted out my pics and am getting down to writing a report on our trip to Prasonisi in Rhodes in June.

Our main reason for going was so that our 15 year old son, John, could take part in another windsurfing freestyle camp/clinic. He enjoyed the one he attended with Chris Pressler in Fuerte so much (and gained so much) that we thought it would definitely be the best thing to do.......besides getting in some good windsurfing ourselves ofcourse - another very important factor! June was the only time we could travel this year and after doing some research Jem Hall
seemed the obvious answer. Jem had very good reports and also the location suited us really well - not too far and we had been to Prasonisi 6 years ago and had a brilliant time.

As far as the clinic goes it was excellent. Jem tears you to bits (no matter how good you think you are!) he starts from the basics ie stance, hand and feet positioning etc. If the wind is no good no problem. You get out there with big board and small sail and do alot of lightwind training from helitacks to upwind 360's etc. All exercises giving you confidence, flexibility and going thru the motions over and over again in slow motion - all preparation for doing the same trick in stronger wind and also for future more advanced freestyle. The coaching is intensive from when you wake up in the morning till you go to bed at night. Video time, talking etc etc. Jem really motivates the surfer and, jokes and fooling around apart (!), he also praises your good points which is so important to boost a surfers confidence. Sometimes really welcome after you have felt all you have done is fall into the water all day long.

As for John - when we came back from Fuerte we said he went a little boy but came back surfing like a man. After this trip I would say he went knowing basic freestyle tricks but came back not only being able to do more advanced freestyle (and also going for front loops) but with volumes of new technique knowledge plus the knowledge to be able to carry on advancing on his own practicing and trying out new tricks. Also, after coming back to Malta and sailing in the waves, we can immediately see the difference all he has learned has made to his wave sailing.

John has always been interested in speed and while there he used the GPS to monitor how fast he was going on some fast slalom equipment. He came back very happy after managing to get the best speed for June. His speed is recorded on on the Hall of Fame for June 07.

As for us - the wind was not as good as the last time we visited Prasonisi but one could sail every day nevertheless so not complaining. I sailed mostly with 5.4m and 5.8m while Anton sailed 5.8m or 6.2m. All much bigger sail sizes than we normally use - also boards were bigger than we are used to. Mostly on the JP Freestyle Wave 102L though I did get a couple of good sessions on the 85L. The wave side was nowhere like it was on our last visit but we still enjoyed the lumpy conditions - apart from the plastic bags (instant braking system) that gathered in the far corner. The channel of water connecting the wave side to the flat side was not open this time so we had to carry our equipment across the sand bar each time - needed a rest after hauling the stuff across I can tell you! But all in all we had a great time and most of all we met some smashing people that were doing Jem's course - and we got know Jem too which was great.

Prasonisi has remained the same except there are double the amount of people that go there now.

Our next windsurfing trip? Have no idea where or when yet but hopefully we will manage one sometime next year.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Wind! Great Day W'Surfing!

It happens every time we go away. We come back and we have wind - great! And that first sail after we get back on 'home ground' is always so satisfying and one of the best sails you've had in a long time - no matter what good a time you have had surfing abroad. I suppose home is home.
So we had a lovely NW yesterday, started off a bit Northerly then veered a bit more to the West. It was great to be back on my equipment and more than anything to be using a light rig. I was out with a 4.5m pretty tightened up while the guys were out on 5's and John was on a 4.2m. It was also nice seeing so many of us out there on the water. There were about 20 of us out. By the end of the afternoon the swell had built up quite alot making great sailing out on the point. Nicer still there wasnt yet a shore break so it was easy getting out of the water (no soft sand where we sail in a NW just sharp jagged rocks with a tiny concrete platform to launch and get up from). After the heatwave that hit the Med recently the water is like a luke warm bath so sailing in rash vest and nothing else is nice and comfy.........errrrr re phrase .................sailing in rash vest and swimsuit!

Both Anton and John had a great time too. Anton, as usual, was like a bull on the water non stop at it the whole time. John had a great time putting into practice some of the stuff he learned in Rhodes and pulled off some good stuff on his 78l wave board including successful Geckos, Vulcans, other stuff which I have no idea what they are called (!) and also did several front loop attempts which he managed to get round on but crashed out on the landing. Then finally he had a big crash (not quite sure what happened) and the mast smashed onto the nose of his boards smashing the front of the board completely - the whole front 20cm or so is badly damaged, so right now its on its nose drying out before a major repair job takes place!! My nose (of my face not my board) is a bit worse for wear after I got a big knock by the boom when flipping the boom over to do a duck gybe (which ofcourse was unsuccessful!). The swelling is a bit evident this morning! Daniel also managed to get out on the water in Mellieha for a quick sail after work. That's what is so nice in the summer months is that the days are nice and long so one can get a late sail in if getting away from work is a problem.

The really good news....................Looks like more wind on its way next week!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bus service to and from Gozo Ferry/WIND!

For the bus timetable linking the Malta International Airport and the Gozo Ferry terminal go onto this link

Right now the WIND IS BLOWING so I'm outa here and off windsurfing!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Airport to Gozo Ferry Bus Service At Last!

Below is an article taken from about the new bus service starting up from Malta International Airport to the ferry that takes you to Gozo. If the bus times coincide with your flights it will make transfers much cheaper than taxi all the way.
Airport - Cirkewwa bus service to start on Monday
Monday July 2nd 2007
A direct bus service will start operating between Malta International Airport and the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal this coming Monday. The new service was announced by the Minister for Gozo Giovanna Debono and the Minister for Investment, Industry and IT Austin Gatt this afternoon.
Minister Debono said that the service will improve the accessibility of Gozo and also shorten the journey time between the airport and Gozo.
Minister Gatt said that the service aims to increase the number of people travelling to Gozo and that the new bus service confirms the Government’s commitment towards the island of Gozo.Gozo Channel chairman Joe Borg said that there will be eight direct journeys each way, on a daily basis, between the airport and Cirkewwa and the fare is set at Lm2.15. Tourists will also be provided with assistance for their luggage.
Gozo Tourism Association secretary Joe Muscat said that the new service will make Gozo more accessible and also help the tourism industry and tourist operators working in Gozo.


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