Saturday, June 30, 2007

July Cultural Calendar for Gozo

Below is the cultural calendar for July in Gozo.


6th - 27th July Photographic exhibitionby Claire Borg at Banca Giuratale, Vitoria. From 8am - noon and 1pm to 4pm. Sundays 9am - noon.

6th - 29th July Exhibition of paintings by Carrie Debrincat and Graham Gurr at the Exhibition Hall, Victoria from 8am - 1pm.

7th July-2nd Aug Exhibition by Paul Carbonaro, Mark Sagona and Victor Spiteri at art...e gallery, Library St., Victoria. 9.30am - 12.15pm.

Performing Arts:

19th July ''Lejla Sajfija' - an evening of music and wine organised by Gharb Parish Centre at Pjazza il-Vizitazzjoni, Gharb.

30th July 'A Festival of Talents' with participation of variety of local talent at Qala Primary School at 8pm.

Traditional Feasts:

2nd - 8th July Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Kercem

9th - 15th July Feast of St. George Martyr - Basilica church Victoria.

16th-22nd July Feast of St. Margaret Martyr - Sannat

23rd-29th July Feast of Visitation of Our Lady - Parish church Gharb

Traditional Events:

6th July Traditional Gozitan meal with participation of local artists at 8pm in Pjazza San Gorg, Victoria.

10th July Horse races at 8pm along Republic Street in Victoria.

28th July 'L-Ikla ta Nanna' - traditional Gozitan meal with folk music and dance at 8pm at Pjazza Santa Lucija and adjacent alleys.

29th July 'Infiorata' - traditional display of designs made out of flower petals organised by Gharb local council in the Pjazza at 1pm.


9th July Musical and Choral concert by the National Orchestra, The Laudate Pueri Choir and special guest the Edinburgh University Chamber Choir and the Kings Consort Choir under musical director Joseph Vella. 8pm St. George's Basilica, Victoria.

Throughout July there are concerts going on at St. Georges Basilica with local and visiting guests.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Prasonisi Rhodes

I have finally managed to get to a computer. I thought there was going to be access to computers in Prasonisi but as it turns out they have Wi-fi but you have to take along your own laptop. So have not been able to keep a diary of the holiday on my blog.
Anyhow, having a good time though wind conditions could be alot better. Been very different from our last visit which gave us pretty good wind and some decent waves too. Waves have been more like ripples this time and the wind coming and going. Last Wednesday was the best with a good steady wind for most of the day and some good sailing on both sides of the sand bar.
John has got on brilliantly with Jem Hall and his clinic. Jem is a great coach and really motivates the surfers - a real character too! We cant believe the amount John has learnt since he has been here. Doing all sorts of things now - cleaned up his volcans, doing upwind 360's, trying spocks and also going for forwards now too though hasnt sailed away from one yet - loads more other stunts which I have no idea what they are called! Jem seems to be very happy with him and impressed how quick he learns. Well, at 15 you learn really quick and there isn't the fear factor. We had a great group of guys week 1 and everyone seemed to just click immediately regardless of what age - and the age group was pretty varied.
Food is good! Very important!
Prasonisi has basically remained the same as it was 6 years ago. Only difference is that the Fanatic centre has got bigger and there is now a Naish/RRD centre too. AND it has become a mini Poland. I would say that 90% of people there are Polish - that includes the instructors too!
I'll be home on the 29th and will catch up with lots of pics and more news.

Monday, June 11, 2007

3 Sailing Medals for Malta

Sean Borg - Optimist Gold Medalist

Malta is keeping up her good reputation on the sailing side coming home with 3 medals - 2 gold and 1 silver from the Small Nations Games which has just come to a close in Monaco.

Our sailing stars are :

Benji Borg who got a gold sailing in the Laser class.

Sean Borg (Benji's brother) got gold sailing in the Optimist class.

Ella Fleri Soler got silver sailing in the Optimist class.

Congratulations to all !

Friday, June 08, 2007

Fun Race

John sailing Ghallis about a month ago

Yesterday, Paul from the Adira Sailing Centre, organised a fun long distance race round the Tuna farms and back. A couple of other races have been held in which John has taken part but not done well due to not enough wind to get the Formula board planing. Nevertheless, he still enjoyed joining in the fun. Yesterday there was a moderate to strong south easterly which was perfect for the Formula board and John had a great time. He was either ahead or on a par with the Hobie Tiger and was aiming at trying to beat it in, but the wind dropped on entering the bay so the Hobie had an advantage over him. The other windsurfers were on Mistral Prodigies so in the stronger wind were at a disadvantage and came in quite a while after John. Not sure if I have got the timing right but think his lead was an hour+.

We used to do a heck of alot of racing back in the 'old days' but its all recreational now. There 's a small handful of surfers who would like to start up racing again so maybe it will finally get going.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The True Meaning of Windsurfing

I came across this entry in the forum of and thought I would print it.

This is quoted from a South Africa wind surfing site. This basically explains it all. Nothing more to say.

Windsurfing is not just a sport, nor is it just a pass-time or something to do on a weekend, not to me anyway. It's a partnership between man and the power of the elements, a relationship with the wind and the water. Windsurfing is like swimming with dolphins, or riding on the back of a lion. It's humbling and empowering at the same time. It's everything. People are forever changed by windsurfing. It alters your priorities and it fills you with a sense of awe. Suddenly, the importance of your bank balance and the car you drive diminishes. The only suit that matters is a wetsuit. People's opinions become less important. Investment-trust pish-pash, anti-ageing cream big whoop. The allure of the city lights grow weaker and the call of the wild grows stronger. Bad weather is good weather, terrible weather - even better. When the parasols are hurredly removed from the beaches in the advent of a storm, when the sky and the water seems furious and sand stings your legs, that's when the windsurfers appear. So if it seems that we're uninterested in your board meeting, or our glaringly absent faces betray our indifference to your marketing pitch, it's not that we don't like you, we just don't care. We answer to a higher calling...

Say no more!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Gozo Cultural Calendar - June

This is the cultural calendar in Gozo for June.


1-17th June: Exhibition by students of Gozo School of Art in Pjazza
Pjazza San Frangisk in Victoria from 9 till noon.

6-30th June: Sculptures by Julie Apap at Naca Giurratale in Victoria.
9June-5th July: Marine Life in metalwork by Jackie Roberts at Art---e Gallery
Victoria from 9.30-12.15pm
20-30th June: Exhibition commemorating 10th Anniversary of University of Malta-Gozo
Pjazza San Frangisk 8-4.30 and Saturday 8am-1pm

Performing Arts:

30th June: ''Ggantija Alive 2007'' - Experience of parforming arts, crafts, heritage and
culture at the Ggantija Temples, Xaghra from 3pm onwards.
12/12th June: ''Grajietna - ix-Xewkija tul iz-Zmien'' an original musical highlighting the
history of the 1st village in Gozo at Pjazza San Gwanni l-Battista, Xewkija
from 8pm.

4-10th June: Feast of the Holy Eucharist - Parish Church Ghasri.
8-10th June: Feast of St. Anthony of Padova - Franciscan Church Ghajnsielem
11-17th June: Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus - Parish Church Fontana
18-24th June: Feast of St. John the Baptist - Rotunda Parish Church Xewkija
25-29th June: Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul - Basilica Parish Church Nadur

Traditional Events:

10th June: Traditional pony races at 1.30pm Pjazza s-Salvatur, Ghasri
7-10th June: The Gozo Trade Fair - at Gozo Sports Complex, Victoria from 5-9pm
8th June: ''Iklafest 2007'' an evening of gastronomy and music organised by
Ghasri local council at 9pm in the square in Ghasri
17th June: Traditional horse parage at 9am. From near Castelvenere Garden
till Pjazza San Gwanni Baptista Xewkija
23/24th June: Agricultural fair and exhibition of local products with folk entertainment
and wine tasting at 8am onwards. Pjazza Mons Martin Camilleri, Nadur
30th June/1July: ''L-Imnarja mal Bajja'' - a welcome to Summer Fete of folklore,
Entertainment and gastronomy organised by the Gozo Cultural Council
and the Munxar Local Council at 8pm in Xlendi Bay.
30th June: ''Ix-Xalata talFesta'' - a variety show together with local food organised by
Nadur local council at 8pm onwards at Gnien il-Kunsill, Nadur

Victoria International Arts Festival:

There will be a series of musical events taking place throughout June and July at St. George's Basilica in Victoria. For dates and further info go onto

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Going Back in Time

''The Pig'' - this was the first board that Anton made back in probably around 1980. It
was practically 3m long and pretty bulky as you can see from the pic. In those days you
either had a 6m sail for racing or a 'storm sail' which was around 4.6m for those windier

I can't remember exactly what boards we were using here - must have been early 90's. Notice how far forward the mast foot was!

Hah! not to gybe! I loved this board - again early 80's I think. It was a Sailboard295 - the rage here in Malta at the time and considered a really short board. It was a great board. Notice the pointed look of the front end of the boom, also how much space between the clue and the boom end. Is my weight far back or what?? Also - look how I am looking down! Hope I have improved since then.

This board was just so cool. My own custom made built by Anton. It was basically a take off of the Sailboard 295 but slightly shorter. A really exaggerated double concave and custom design paint job- looked like the board was covered in amoebas! All sails in Malta at the time were made by Anton and his sailmaker - notice the cutaway at the bottom of the sail. Excellent sails
for their time. My harness was like a complete body thing. Cool wetsuit eh? White! That was given to me by the then Sailboard World Champion Emma Stehle, I was so happy with it that I wore it till it fell to pieces.

Peconic Puffin has been coming out with some really nostalgic pics lately bringing back alot of old but good memories, so thats why I decided to delve deep into the photo box and pick out some old pics.

Friday, June 01, 2007

New Yacht Brokers in Malta

Above pic taken from
A friend of mine has a new Yacht Brokers business going here in Malta. If you are interested in selling or buying a yacht, boat of any sort or just interested in viewing and browsing boats on the web go onto


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