Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Good Day

Just got back from a good session on the water. Was with 5m NP Search and my Synchro83 with a small 21 fin. This morning was really windy but died down a bit by the time I got down - also a bit of North in it too - but the wind picked up again while on the water and was very well powered up. A really nice wind to play around and improve basics and try out some stuff - also was perfect for getting back into it all cos last time was feeling very uncomfortable.
There was a young German guy who has been here on holiday this week - he was really good doing some nice backs and forwards and some cool advanced freestyle tricks like spocks, flakas, vulcans and stuff I have no idea what they are called.........whatever! If only we could have a few days in a row like today. Thats the problem when our wind relies on the fronts. Shame we dont have trades here.

Gozo Sailing Club Calendar 2007

Below is the sailing and events calendar for the Gozo Sailing Club for 2007. If you want to go into their website log onto www.gozosailingclub.gitd.net

March 17th - Pasta night (that's a good start to the season!)

April 22nd-Zebbug Local Council races in Qbajjar

May 6th-Arkadia Races (1st race)

June 3rd-Round Comino (Qala Local Council - 1st race)

24th-Arkadia Races (2nd race)

July 7th-BBQ (venue to be confirmed)

7-8th-Optimist beginners course

21-22nd-Adult sailing course

29th-Round Comino Race (FXB races)

Aug 12th-Aman family sailing day. Sailing, windsurfing for all ages. Evening meal to follow.

19th-Arkadia Races (3rd race)

25th-BBQ (venue to be confirmed)

Sept 2nd- Round Comino Race (Gozo Arts sponsor - 3rd race)

23rd-BOV Races

Oct 14th-Dinghy Sailing Races

28th-''Clean Up'' day

Dec 1st-Annual General Meeting at the NGO in Xewkija

21st-Christmas Dinner (venue to be announced)

So thats the calendar but inbetween those dates you will find people down at Qbajjar sailing on the weekends or wherever it is best to sail from depending on the wind.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Guestbook comments Dar Ghax-Xemx

This is a lovely water colour left by one of our guests from Holland over New Year. Things like this are really appreciated by us.
Some other comments:
Our 1st guests (on their honeymoon) - "The house is really superb, we past a lovely time. A great 'thankyou' for the welcoming, we really appreciate it. We were in admiration for the work realized in this house. Thank you also for all your advice, really useful for foreigners. In one word PERFECT!" Mr & Mrs Lambret (France)
"Tout d'abord, las maison est tres agreable, notamment la chambre, la terrasse et le patio. De plus, elle est tres bien situee con proche, des places du centre et tres calme." Perat (France)Sept.'06
Comments on San Pupulju will be added later as I need to view the book but have guests right now.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gozo Farmhouse Rentals Update


Gozo Farmhouse Rentals can now offer accommodation with a pool - this is not advertised on our website. For more information and pictures log onto www.gozofarmhouserentals.com and send me an email.

Feedback and comments

Thanks to those people that have left comments on my blog. Glad to say they have all been positive - apart from one peculiar one which I couldn't make out! Its great to receive comments especially if they contain info about themselves. Nice to know that we are a 'global' (fashionable word at the moment!) community!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nice Wind

Just got back from a couple of hours in Ghallis. Really nice - just wish I wasn't feeling so unfit right now, but felt much better the last half hour out on the water. Went out with NP Search 4.5m but then changed down to the 4m as the wind came up and had a very comfortable sail. Wish I could have stayed longer but had to take my son to a private lesson:( Looks like we have some more wind coming this week so should feel better after a couple of days windsurfing. If only we had trade winds here or a reliable wind like the Meltemi in the Greek Islands in summer. Maybe the answer is to emigrate to one of these locations!?!
John was out on the water too and pulled off a couple of nice back loop attempts and was trying to master the freestyle move the ''Gecko''. He managed pretty well on most attempts I saw and the best one I saw him do he managed to get three quarters the way round. That's a really cool move.
Saw Chris do a really nice table top with some nice height too.
Was surprised that not more people came down - was expecting a big crowd today but there were only about 8 of us down.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Riders Chris & Anton the other Sunday
This morning very strong southerly but very gusty in the bay and by lunch time suddenly died down. Forecast for tomorrow is force 5 NW so fingers crossed for 'playtime' in Ghallis.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Theres a pretty good bit of footage on Youtube by Jem Hall of windsurfing in Prasonisi, Rhodes. Prasonisi is a brilliant place - really out in the middle of nowhere (so you have to either be a total windsurfer or sun worshipper!). It is ideal for any level of surfer whether beginner or advanced and as it is on sandbar you have flat water on one side and waves on the other. Went there in 2001 and had a brilliant time sailing every day for 2 weeks except for a couple of days. Going again in June and John doing a clinic with Jem Hall. Can't wait!

To see some action go onto this link http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jemhall

Pic of Darius

Have tried everything I can with my limited computer knowledge but the pic of Darius just will not upload. A shame cos its a really good pic.
Best I can do is if you go onto this link there are some other shots taken on that particular day at Ghallis.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gale Force Winds

Having problems uploading pictures at the moment. Theres a great pic in one of the local newspapers of Darius last Sunday. We had gale force winds Sunday and Tuesday and they always bring the local photographers out. Tuesday was much wilder than Sunday. It is taking on the usual pattern here - either nothing or gale force!
Once I solve the uploading problem will put it on the blog.


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