Thomas Zammit Tabona Retains Euromed Title

Thomas Zammit Tabona

The last two days of racing at the Euromed Championships proved to be a close race between all racers, especially the top 5 fighting for one of the first three positions. With popularity of the event ever increasing, it is also attracting a much higher calibre of racer automatically raising the standard of the event.

The Russian boys have proved to be a very strong team throughout the event. This has made it a tough competition for local and title defender Thomas Zammit Tabona, who just managed to pip Dmitry Tretiakov to the post by the winning the overall event by a mere half a point. Amongst these Italian Gianandrea Fiorillo has raced very well obtaining consistent and good placings which have put him high up on the results list.

Probably one of the most outstanding sailors of the event was young Russian cadet Maxim Nikolaev. Maxim has consistently placed high in the fleet throughout almost all the races achieving two firsts in the last two races.

The girls also had a close competition with Small Nations Games silver medallist, Ella Fleri Soler, managing to hold onto her overall first placing with Nia Jones (GBR) and Melissa Hamilton (GBR) closely behind in second and third places.

The Junior class were set a slightly shorter course and were able to gain invaluable experience as they start out on the racing careers. Placings were forever changing after every race with Ugo Pace (ITA) managing to grab the coveted first place.

The Laser classes cater for the older boys and girls. This class has also been split into two. In the Laser Radial class, which caters for the older and heavier person, Benji Borg raced extremely well gaining a first position in almost every race. Christoph Podesta and Jan Rossi fought it out between them to gain second and third placings respectively.

The Laser 4.7 has a smaller sized sail suitable for those children who have now outgrown the Optimist. Matthew Deacon Smith (GBR) is the outright winner coming first in every race, followed by Antonio Lagana (ITA) and Elisabeth Backelandt (BEL) in second and third respectively.

Light, shifting winds and wet conditions did not make it an easy event for the race officers, although the final race had a perfect sailing breeze from the south east. In spite of all this, the impeccable reputation that Maltese yachting officers have internationally was confirmed once again with the success of the this year’s Euromed Championships .

This event could not have been held without the help of Air Malta, Malta Tourist Authority, Adira Sailing Centre, RLR Ltd, Virtu Ferries, MEDEX, Seabank Hotel, Good Earth, Nestle and Network Publications.

Final Overall Results:

Overall winner of the event Thomas Zammit Tabona (MLT)

Optimist Boys: 1. Thomas Zammit Tabona (MLT)

2. Dmitry Tretiakov (RUS)

3. Gianandrea Fiorillo (ITA)

Optimist Girls: 1. Ella Fleri Soler (MLT)

2. Nia Jones (GBR)

3. Melissa Hamilton (GBR)

Optimist Cadet Boys: 1. Maxim Nilolaev (RUS)

2. Alexander Moskvichev (RUS)

3. Gal Cohen (ISR)

Optimist Cadet Girls: 1. Noya Baram (ISR)

2. Marina Sheherbarova (RUS)

3. Ella Stoggall (GBR)

Optimist Junior: 1. Ugo Pace (ITA)

2.Arron Holman (GBR)

3.Karl Miggiani (MLT)

Laser Radial: 1. Benji Borg (MLT)

2. Christoph Podesta (MLT)

3. Jan Rossi(MLT)

Laser 4.7: 1. Matthew Deacon Smith (GBR)

2.Antonio Lagana (ITA)

3. Elisabeth Backelandt (BEL)