Ramla Bay in Gozo

A Happy New Year to all fellow 'Bloggers' and all who visit my site!

Have been up in Gozo all over the Christmas period with lots and lots of mouths to feed! Its been great fun but the weather has been unbelievably wet as can be seen from the photo above of Ramla Bay. There have been some floods and alot of the old rubble walls that surround the terraced fields have collapsed. And its still raining!

Went back down to Malta on one day just to windsurf cos there was a nice wind and some waves coming into Mellieha Bay. Had a good sail. Hopefully will have some more good wind when I get back home.

May 2008 be a good year for all in whatever you are doing ! Take care tonight and God Bless everyone!


Joe said…
Happy New Year Bunty!
Eric Wayne Wise said…
I wish to know if your surname was Montalto. I knew an Ann Marie Montalto when I lived in Malta 1970. Her nickname was Bunty. If you knew a Kristin Wise or her brother Eric, please contact me at wiseworks@earthlink.net
If not, sorry to trouble you.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bunty,

My Brother Eric asked me to check out your Blog to see if it was really you. You have not change much. just a little older as we all are. It has bee since 1975 when you and I saw each other last. I think we were 13 and 15 years old. I hope we can get in touch with each other again. My email address is kl_shirley@juno.com. and my website is www.geocities.com/shirleymuralsart
I'm now married and am an artist and chicken rancher. My husband and I are avid canoers, hikers and bicyclists. We love the outdoors.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristin (Wise) Shirley