We took our cat Cic (pronounced CHICH) up to Gozo with us last weekend. We stayed in our house in Victoria (Dar Ghax-Xemx) and he met his mother for the first time in over a year. Unfortunately his attitude towards her was rather rude to say the least and for the first time in our lives we saw him hiss and growl! So much for motherly love!
Biography of Cic - full name Cicciobello:
Mother - Pure Persian (dark coloured) and quite a flirt.
Father - Ginger and white local alley rapist! Body builder, thug, scarred body and chewed
ears. Not been seen lately and it is suspected that he has been done in.
Born in the Mandragg area of Victoria, Gozo.
He had two siblings, one of which died at birth and the other a brother now living in another village in Gozo. Born at about 1am on the Feast of St. George (why wasnt he named George??)
Now living in the lap of luxury in Mellieha, Malta where he is spoilt rotten by all members of the family and tormented continuously by John......................and the stupid cat goes back for more!
Lovely temperament, cuddly, affectionate, socialiser (though you wouldn't have thought so last weekend).
Hobbies - Eating, eating and more eating. Chasing flies and bird watching.
Plans for the Future - Train my owners to feed me more and take more time off to chill out.