Wind Died

The wind has decided to take a rest and has gradually died down throughout the day. Its now gone down to a force 3 as I write this, so those guys who have been down every day since Sunday can give their hands a well earned rest. But...............not for long! Forecast says it will come up again from the NW this time on Sunday afternoon, but fortunately for the Middle Sea Race sailors the forecast has changed for next week and instead of gale force winds they should have a good moderate to strong wind taking them from Malta up thru the Straits of Messina, round the volcano of Stromboli then onto the West of Sicily and down South again towards Pantalleria and then on round Lampedusa before the final home strait. So should be quite a fast race.

John had a day off school today and spent the day making the most of the last of the wind and surf. In the afternoon he tried some kitesurfing. Not doing bad at all as you can see from the pic above.