Wind at Last (with a vengeance)

John having fun in the surf

John close up

Gamblu catching a wave

Darius getting some height and in the foreground Benji who is new on the scene (dinghy sailor) and doing really well

Yesterday the forecast proved to be correct and we had a strong North Easterly wind which is still blowing as I write this morning. Forecast is for it to stay most of the week. It got up pretty strong yesterday and it was nice to see so many people out on the water. Must have been 25 to 30 people down at the beach. Being a Sunday too meant more people could make it too. Also great to see new faces on the windsurfing scene. There's a bunch of Oppie/Laser sailors who are taking a keen interest in windsurfing now so we have some good potential young blood coming into the local scene here.

I was out with my Synchro 86 but was way too big for these sort of conditions. Had a feeling that would happen so have to try and add a small wave board to the kit. Today as John is at school I will borrow his Fanatic wave board 75..77? Around there somewhere! I was on a 4.5m yesterday. Was fine at first but then got way overpowered. Outside the break I was totally out of control.

Quite a bit of muck in the water being the first storm after the looooong hot summer. Big patch of seaweed (always positions itself in the most critical area!) Also should have drunk about a dozen bottles of Red Bull cos could have done with some 'wings' after not having a proper windsurf in waves since early July.

Some activity on the beach where we launch


Houston ...we have waves
Bunty said…
.............and the forecast is looking good till the end of the week and Windfinder is showing us gale force winds for next week!
PeconicPuffin said…
those conditions look like a lot of fun!