Rolex Middle Sea Race 2007

The 'bridge' at the Royal Malta Yacht Club.

Just before the gun went off for Start 1

Lee heads for the mouth of the harbour

Coming up to the line for the 2nd Start

'Superfast' - a Greek boat and the most colourful on the water

'Guts n Glory'


'Rambler' - the ex Alfa Romeo

'Atalanta' crew in their beige coloured uniform

'Rambler' and 'Titan'

'Guts n Glory'

'Skywalker' - before the start. Looked massive on the start line

Just got back from watching the start of the Middle Sea Race which is always great fun. There weren't as many boats as last year. Also the starts seemed to be a bit more exciting last year but nevertheless always spectacular cos its such a unique start line. To see all those boats (and some are whoppers) jostling for position on such a short start line is very exciting in itself. I have said this so many times before - and I will say it again (!) - it never ceases to amaze me how these boats ,anything between 50 and 90/100 feet long, are manouvred like they were small dinghies. Great admiration for these skippers. There was a great breeze for the start - about a force 4 once they got out of the harbour. They all know whats coming up ahead since they have been making all sorts of preparations to get ready for the force 8 winds they are meant to hit Sunday night-Monday. 'Rambler'(former 'Alfa Romeo') will probably be the first one to hit the strong wind unless the trimaran 'Skywalker' manages to overtake.

You can track the progress of the yachts on
its great fun being able to follow the progress of each and every boat round the 600+ mile course each day. I expect the record will be broken this year.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


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